Everything About 3D Driving Simulator On Google Maps

3D driving simulator is a mini game that allows you to drive on google maps. Let's see how to set location and controls of the game.

Mini-games like the dinosaur game on the google browser are fun to play but aren’t advertised enough. This is why many games go unnoticed as many people don’t know about them. The same is the case with the Google maps driving simulator 3D, the game has been around for a long but is still underappreciated. Let’s see how to play the Google Maps Driving Simulator 3D.

How To Play The 3D Driving Simulator On Google Maps?

All you have to do is search Google Maps Driving simulator 3D and click on the website. On the website you will see a “start” button, click on the button and the driving simulator will start. Starting the game is really simple and so is playing the game.  Here are the controls of the Google Maps 3D Driving Simulator.

Controls Of The 3D Driving Simulator On Google Maps

  •       While starting the game all you have to do is enter your coordinates in the Longitude and Latitude section and the maps will be set to that position.
  •       You can control the car using the arrow keys for eg:- Up arrow to move forward and the right arrow to turn right.

The game is available on all platforms be it PC, Android, or iOS. Recently the developers made some tweaks because of which players can tilt the camera, change map types, and also run the game at an impressive 60 FPS. Players can zoom in and out on the map as well. You can also remove the location bar, the signals, and the buses from the maps. This will allow you to make the map more cleaner as per your preference.

An older 2D version of the Driving simulator is also available on the website which you can try as well.

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