Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: Potara Medals (UR & LR Vegito) Guide

Want to know how to unlock UR & LR Vegito in DBZ Dokkan Battle? Check this guide out.

If you’ve watched Dragon Ball Z, you might have heard about the Potaras. You will find Potaras in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle as well. Although, in the game, the Potaras are medals, unlike in Anime. These medals are quite useful while playing Dokkan Battle. And most importantly, they can be used to awaken the UR Vegito and LR Vegito.

In this guide, you will learn more about how to acquire these medals and use them to awaken Vegito in Dokkan Battle.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: How To Get Potara Medals For UR & LR Vegito

Dokkan Battle Potara Medals

In Dokkan Battle, there are two methods by which you can acquire Potara medals. You can either use

  • Baba’s Treasures Shops
  • Supreme Kai’s Trials

When it comes to Baba’s Treasures Shop, the chances of getting Potara medals are quite slim. But if they are available, you can buy them in exchange for Jewels. However, it is better to spend the jewels wisely as they might come in handy further in the game.

The other way to get the Potara medals in DBZ Dokkan Battle is to get them as rewards in Supreme Kai’s Trials. The Supreme Kai’s Trials begin at Area 10. Once you have crossed Area 10, you can collect the Potara medals as rewards after completing the missions. Acquiring the medals in this manner is comparatively better than spending the jewels.

In total, you will be needing 100 Potara medals. Out of these 100, you will need 30 medals to awaken UR Vegito and the rest 70 medals to awaken the LR Vegito. Now you know all about getting the Potara medals in DBZ Dokkan Battle. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and feel free to check out other similar articles such as Dragon Ball All forms of Goku Ranked and Dokkan Battle Saiyans Tier List.