What Do Dislyte Stats Mean?

Do all of the Dislyte stats look like gibberish to you? Here's what each mean.

Dislyte Espers are super cool to look at and play with. But understanding their stats can be troublesome for those of us that don’t understand the short forms very well just yet. All of which are critical when forming a team and creating the right balance. In this article, we will explain to you what the HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, AP, C. RATE, C. DMG, ACC and RESIST stats mean in Dislyte. If you want to know what a particular stat means then this is the place to be. With this article, you should be able to understand how the in-game battles work. As well as what the most important stats are in Dislyte.

Dislyte Stats Explained

What Do Dislyte Stats Mean?

Here is the meaning of the stats HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, AP, C. Rate, C. DMG, ACC and RESIST in Dislyte.


HP stats in Dislyte stand for Heal Point. This is basically the health of every character. It determines how resistant they will be to each blow that they receive. Every character needs to have at least 1 unit of HP to stay alive. Every blow that they take will diminish their HP by some amount. Once the HP is at zero, however, the character will die.


ATK stands for the Attack of the character. This will determine the amount of damage that a character will deal when they successfully strike their enemy. The higher the ATK stats of your character in Dislyte, the better the chance of them dealing a heavy blow. Well, unless they have a buff that keeps them resistant to the damage, of course. Or unless their DEF is high. We’ll come to why that is a problem soon.


Didn’t we say that we’d come to DEF soon? Well, DEF stands for Defense. This will help protect your character from getting critically hit by every hit that they take. Think of it like armour, the higher the DEF, the better the protection. Like with chainmail. However, the lower the DEF, the less helpful it is to deflect the blow. For example, a Roblox -esque cardboard armour.


SPD is the speed of your Espers. This will determine how soon they can take their turn. The higher their SPD stats, the sooner they can take their turn in Dislyte.


AP stands for Action Point. This is the bar that will determine when your Esper/Miramon’s turns will begin. Every character has their own ‘Action Point Bar’ that needs to be at 100% for their turn to begin. AP goes hand in hand with SPD as the higher their speed, the sooner they get to 100 on their AP bar. And the sooner they get to take that turn, the faster they get to destroy their opponents.

C. Rate

C. Rate is the Crit Rate that a character has. This will tell you how likely it is that your character will deal an unusually high amount of damage. And will determine how likely your character will deal a critical hit to the opponent. A critical hit is one that can simply crumble your opponent’s defence. Especially if their Dislyte DEF stats are weak as is.


Just like with ATK and DEF, C. DMG determines how much damage a character gets to deal with a critical hit. Since not every character can deal the same amount of damage, their critical hits vary as well. What could be super damaging from one character will probably be the regular ATK for another. Always look at the C. DMG before getting excited over their C. Rate.


ACC is the accuracy with which a character’s debuff will successfully hit its target. The higher the ACC stats are, the more likely your character will successfully deploy a control/some other type of debuff in Dislyte. Remember, you always want to have more ACC than your target’s RESIST.


Speaking of RESIST, this is basically how likely a debuff from your opponent to a particular character is going to be a hit or miss. Basically, the RESIST rating means that when an opposing character attempts to control or apply a debuff to your character. RESIST will determine whether it will work or not. It is always best to have more RESIST than your attacker has ACC. This will help you deal with their debuffs easily.

These were the meanings of all of the Dislyte stats. HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, AP, C. Rate, C. DMG, ACC and RESIST sure are easy to understand, aren’t they?

This was our Dislyte stats guide. Let us know if this article has helped you understand the game a little bit more. If you liked this guide then check out this one on how you can get Ye Suhua in Dislyte,