Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock Differences (2022)

Here are the differences that matter between Java and Bedrock.

Do you enjoy watching Minecraft gameplays but can’t decide which edition is best for you as you contemplate playing the game yourself? Well, this must be your lucky day! Here are the biggest differences between Minecraft Java Vs. Bedrock editions and what you should consider before playing the game yourself.

Minecraft Java Vs. Bedrock Differences


Differences Between Minecraft Java Vs. Bedrock

Here are the top 5 differences between Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock:

Gaming Platforms


While there are a variety of differences between the two versions, one of the key differences between the two is the compatibility of each with different platforms. On one hand, Java is only compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux systems while Bedrock is more versatile, being compatible with PCs, mobiles, consoles, and even streaming devices such as smart TVs and Chromebooks.

Cross-play between platforms

Playing with your friends and looking for an edition that suits you and your group?


With both platforms, you can only play with those using the same edition. However, they both have their own pros and cons. For example, Bedrock players will find that they can play with others on various devices. And so, if you are a PC player, you can play with PlayStation or Xbox, etc. players with ease.

But on the other hand, you will notice that being a Java player can be easier as you get to have larger multiplayer servers, custom games as well as minigames. We can’t just decide which is better!

Game Modes


Depending on your preference of gameplay, both versions have different modes that you can play in. These include Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, and for Java only: Hardcore mode.

Each mode has its own features and differences but what sets the Hardcore mode apart is the test of skill that you will go through as a player. Spawning into the game with just one life and playing against incredibly difficult in-game challenges that cannot be made easier, will you be able to triumph victoriously?

I’d say that Bedrock players are lucky to be spared of this difficulty as they brave the challenges of the other modes, head-on. Hardcore is for the toughest of the lot and that just isn’t the majority of us.


While Java may use more power and needs to be used on high-powered gaming PCs, it delivers better visuals and allows users to do more as well.

Bedrock on the other hand is made for a variety of devices and can even run smoothly on lower-end devices. This guarantees a smoother frame rate as well as quicker load times as well. But remains limited in comparison.


Make your own skin, add in extra details, or just customise the game itself, modding is one of the biggest reasons why Minecraft is such a big game. While these are some of the more fun aspects of the game, there is a bigger limitation to do this in the Bedrock edition than in Java.

Often, this means that you will have to pay for these custom ‘add-ons’ in the Bedrock version of the game while you will be able to avail of them for free in the Java version as you create them yourself.

These are some of the biggest differences between Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock of the popular world building game called Minecraft. While both may be different, they’re both tons of fun and generally very similar. So go on and get the game that is right for you (and your squad). And get into world-building to enjoy the various challenges that the game provides.

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