Date A Live Spirit Pledge: How To Get Diamonds

Diamonds can be used to buy a lot of in-game items in Date A Live: Spirit Pledge

Date A Live: Spirit Pledge is an innovative action romance simulator game. It is based on the popular light novel series Date A Live. Through the game, players can control and interact with various Spirits during different stages of the game. Players would require a lot of in-game currency like gold and diamonds to progress quickly through Date A Live: Spirit Pledge.

How To Get Diamonds In Date A Live: Spirit Pledge?


Diamonds are quite useful to get premium in-game items in the game. In addition, they can also be used to purchase other in-game currencies like gold and stamina.

Players can get diamonds by completing daily reward tasks, quests, crafting, and mission star rewards. Additionally, players can also purchase diamonds with real money from the game shop. There are different offers and packs available for players to buy here. Once players have sufficient diamonds, they can use them to purchase other in-game items.

How To Buy Gold With Diamonds?

Players can buy more gold with diamonds. This can be done up to 20 times a day. We have listed the price range for the gold purchase below.

Purchase Diamonds Required
Gold Coins Purchased
1st 10 10k
2nd 15 12k
3rd 20 12k
4th 30 14k
5th 40 14k
6th 50 16k
7th 50 16k
8th 50 16k
9th 50 16k
10th 80 18k
11th 80 18k
12th 80 18k
13th 80 18k
14th 80 18k
15th 100 20k
16th 100 20k
17th 100 20k
18th 100 20k
19th 100 20k
20th 100 20k


How To Buy More Stamina With Diamonds?

Players can also purchase stamina with diamonds if they run out. This can be repeated 10 times a day. The cost of buying stamina with diamonds is listed below.

Diamonds Required
1st 25
2nd 25
3rd 50
4th 50
5th 75
6th 75
7th 100
8th 100
9th 150
10th 150


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