How To Fix “Dev Error 6068” in CoD: Warzone – Complete Guide

Here's a step by step guide explaining how to fix 'Dev Error 6068' in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Call of duty: Warzone players have been facing the dev error 6068 ever since the launch of the game last year. This error has been reported by players in quite a high number ever since the arrival of the cold war game patch.

The game client usually displays this error message when the player has an outdated graphics driver or damage in-game files. In this article, we will see all the possible resolutions to fix the Dev Error 6068.

How To Fix “Dev Error 6068” In Warzone

1. Updating your Windows 

Dev Error 6068 Fix Guide

If players are running an older un-updated version of windows, they might face the dev error 6068 issue. So please make sure you are running the latest version for your respective window by checking the “Windows Update” option on your Settings tab.

2. Updating your Graphics driver (NVidia & AMD)

Dev Error 6068 Fix Guide

One of the most common reasons for the dev error 6068 is the negligence in updating the drivers for your graphics card. Warzone is a very graphics-demanding game and developers often update patches for the game, requiring the assistance of the latest drivers. Players can follow these steps to update their graphics cards.

  • Open the device manager on your system by typing “Device Manager” in your windows search bar
  • After opening device Manager, navigate and find the Display Adapters option. Now select the correct adapter option according to the graphics card installed in the system.
  • Right-click on the graphic card and select the “Update Driver” Option.
  • Click on the “Search automatically” option if needed.

3. Repairing the in-game files in Warzone

Dev Error 6068 Fix Guide


The problem may also arise due to a damaged file in the games directory causing the game to crash while loading. Players need to update the game files by using the “Activision Application“.

4. Usage of third party Application

The game client will also show this error when an Unnecessary application runs in the background while loading the game. Players need to close or uninstall certain unwanted applications before starting the game. These may include applications like ExitLag, Teamspeak, or controller Software.

5. Modifying the video memory scale Option

Few AMD Graphic card users on Reddit have stated that the dev error 8086 stopped occurring when they modified the memory scale option in config files.

  • Open your C: Drive and navigate to Go to Documents\Call of Duty Warzone\players.
  • Select the file adv_options.ini and open it with the help of a notepad
  • Brose for the line that says VideoMemoryScale and set it to 0.55 instead of the default 0.85 and save the file.

These are all possible ways that could fix dev error 6068 in Warzone.