How To Use DeSmuME Emulator To Play Nintendo DS Games?

This quick guide will help you understand how to set up DeSmuME.

DeSmuME is a reliable gaming emulator which can be used t0 run Nintendo DS games. Players that are new to using emulators might have some issues setting up DeSmuME. Therefore, we have put together this guide to explain how players can easily download and use the emulator.

How To Use DeSmuME Emulator To Play Nintendo DS Games?


Players that want to use the DeSmuME Emulator to play Nintendo DS titles will first need to download it. To download the emulator, players can follow the steps given below.

How To Download DeSmuME Emulator?

  •  First, players must download and follow the emulator’s latest version from
  • Extract the downloaded files into a folder in the device.
  • Players can now open the DeSmuME emulator to enjoy their favorite games.

Once players have downloaded the DeSmuME emulator, they will need games that they can play on it. To get games for the DeSmuME emulator, players can use ROMs in NDS formats. While it is perfectly legal to make a ROM file if players own a physical copy of the game, there can be legal if players download the ROMs for games that they do not own.

If players have the ROMs for their NDS games, they can follow the steps below to run them on the DeSmuME emulator.

How To Get Games For DeSmuME Emulator?

  • Players must first open the DeSmuME emulator.
  • Then, they must go to the File option.
  • Now, click on Open Rom.
  • Go to the location where the game ROM has been saved.
  • Click on the game ROM twice to run the game.
  • Players can repeat this procedure for all the Nintendo DS games they want to play.

This is how players can use a DeSmuME Emulator to play Nintendo DS games. We hope that the article was helpful for players. For more relevant content, check out How To Use RetroArch Emulator On PC & Android? [All In One Emulator]