How To Deactivate Cheats In GTA Vice City

Wondering how you can turn off cheats in GTA Vice City.

This version of GTA takes place in a beautiful location called Vice City, whose design is inspired by Miami. It is the 1980s, and you are leading your way up in the world of gangsters. Cheat codes are helping you in your pursuit, but what if they start becoming a hurdle? You can disable them by following this guide on how to deactivate cheats in GTA Vice City.

How to Disable or Deactivate Cheats in GTA Vice City

Deactivate Cheats In GTA Vice City

Not all cheats can be deactivated, but most of them can be. You can deactivate them by following the same steps as activation. This means you just need to type those cheats again, and they’ll get deactivated.

Let us say you opened your game, stood in one place, and then typed “FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT” from your keyboard. After typing that all the pedestrians around you will start fighting, and some will attack you too. That can be risky to your health and send you to the hospital if not fought back. And it would become even more difficult if many people start attacking you at the same time. It is this movement when you’ll urgently need to deactivate the cheat. So, type “FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT” again from your keyboard, and things will turn back to normal.

What You Need to Know

Almost all cheats can be deactivated, but there are still some that cannot be, so it would always be a better option to save your game progress before activating a code. So just in case you fail to deactivate it, you won’t lose your progress.
Saving a file that has cheat codes activated might corrupt your progress. Cheats are risky as they can disable the achievements you gained after completing a mission and can hinder your progress too.

What Can Cheats Do

There are varieties of cheats that are capable of giving you a new weapon, health, changing weather, changing skin, spawning car and helicopter. Some of the most popular cheat codes are “NUTTERTOOLS”, “ASPIRINE”, “COMEFLYWITHME” and “AMERICAHELICOPTER”. Nuttertools can give heavy weapons, aspirin can make your health full, come fly with me can make your car fly, and America helicopter can spawn helicopters.

This is all you need to know on how to deactivate cheats in GTA Vice City and what you should be aware of before using these codes. Also, check out how many missions are there.