Can You Save Sayori In Doki Doki Literature Club Plus? – ANSWERED

Can you save Sayori from getting herself killed in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus?

Sayori is arguably one of the most popular characters in Doki Doki Literature Club!. The reason why everyone loves Sayori the most is she is the Vice President of the Literature Club.

Ever since the remastered version of Doki Doki Literature Club (DDLC) was released, there are tons of fans who have been wondering ‘Can they save Sayori iN DDLC?’

If you too have the same question in your mind then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Can You Save Sayori in Doki Doki Literature Club Plus?

Unfortunately, you can’t save Sayori in Doki Doki Literature Club. Irrespective of how hard you try to save her, you would not be able to save Sayori as she will kill herself.

Sayori takes this extreme decision after confessing her love for the protagonist, who is her childhood friend. When she expresses her feeling towards the protagonist, she will either hug or run away.

On the next day, the Protagonist goes to school without Sayori, assuming she was still sleeping. When he reaches school, he will find a poem written by Sayori named “%”, with the words “Get out of my head” repeated constantly.

After reading this poem, the Protagonists heads back to Sayori’s house where he will find her hanging from a noose with blood on her hands. If you try to load your save following her death, the game states that the save files are corrupt and reboots. This would mark the ending of Act 1.

I hope this post answers your question about  Sayori’s life in DDLC Plus.