DBZ Dokkan Battle: How To Get Gregory Medals

Here's how players can get the Gregory Medal in DBZ Dokkan Battle.

DBZ Dokkan Battle is a battle strategy game where players must gain allies and strengthen them to beat opponents. There are many ways that players can go about doing these. Players can use items like the Gregory Medals to awaken their characters in DBZ Dokkan Battle. However, players will require a large number of these medals to get optimal results.

This is why we have put together this guide explaining how to get Gregory Medals in the game.

How To Obtain Gregory Medals In DBZ Dokkan Battle?


Strengthening the characters in DBZ Dokkan Battle is quite important if players want to progress in the game. The Gregory medals in DBZ Dokkan Battle can be used to awaken characters in the game. While it is a common item that is not hard to get in the game, players will need a large number of them to make an impact.

Players can get the Gregory Medals in any missions of the Quest Mode. In addition, players can also get these medals randomly in normal purple capsule. Moreover, players can also get 5 Gregory Medals for completing Level 1 Mode Normal Event: An Epic Showdown.

This item can also be obtained from Baba’s Shop. However, it’s appearance in the shop is quite random. Players can either try to refresh the shop using stones or wait 30 minutes for the shop to refresh. Lastly, missions from Weekly Events can also offer the Gregory Medals as  rewards in the game.

Once players have gotten these medals, they can use them to awaken AGL, TEQ, INT, PHY , and STR. This is everything that players need to know about obtaining the Gregory Medals in the game and awakening their characters.

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