DayZ Unexpected Authentication Error Fix

Find out how to fix the DayZ Authentication Error.

The DayZ Authentication Error is an issue that players have been facing since time immemorial. The pesky error has since made a comeback and is now bugging players once again. This Authentication Error blocks players from logging back into their server and playing online. Luckily, there are a few fixes that seem to work at times. So, scroll down and have a look at this error fix guide.

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How to fix the DayZ Authentication Error?

DayZ Authentication Error

There are a few different fixes that seem to work for different players. You can try all of these and see if they work for you. This is also an issue that is related to the game servers. So, being patient is also something that will help. Now, let’s have a look at all the possible fixes.

Restarting your network connection

This is the most basic thing that you can do. It also seems to work for some people. All you have to do is restart your router and make sure that not many devices are connected to it. Now, reconnect into the game and you should be able to log in.

Restart Steam Client to fix DayZ Authentication Error

This is another fix that many players have reported as working.

  • First, go to the PC settings.
  • Now, look for the Applications tab and select it.
  • Inside look for the Steam Client application and go to the app settings.
  • Click on the Force Stop button and shut the settings screen.
  • Now, restart the Steam app and log into the game again.
  • All of this should fix this issue.

Xbox Users

This issue also seems to be prominent among Xbox Console Users. Luckily, Microsoft has taken account of the same and has mentioned that it will be resolving the issue soon. So, if you are an Xbox user, just be patient for a bit.

This is everything that you need to know about how to fix the DayZ Authentication Error. Here at Games Adda, we cover all the latest releases. So, if you want to learn more about your favorite games, have a look at our Gaming Section.