Cybear Vengeance: How To Complete Forged To Kill Stage In The Battle Cats

Here's a quick guide on how to kill Teacher Cybear and complete the Forged to Kill Stage in The Battle Cats.

Forged to Kill is an event stage in The Battle Cats. Once you complete this event stage, there are chances that you will get five Cat Tickets. Similar to Facing Danger, you can only beat Cybear Vengeance at once when it appears in the game that limits Cat Ticket Farming. To do this, you will have to shell out 500 energy.

To gain access to this stage, players are required to complete the Future Chapter 1. The battle item that you will need to do this is — Rich Cat (optional), Cat CPU (optional), Sniper The Cat (optional).

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Cybear Vengeance: How To Complete Forged To Kill Stage In The Battle Cats

For the unversed, Teacher Cybear comes in the same range as Assassin Bear. He has a massive 800 range and it can deal 999,999 damage per hit. He has the potential to destroy all cats he comes across in the game. Despite this, he only hits a single target with each attack. Notably, he is not assisted by any other enemy units, making it easier to defeat him in The Battle Cats.

Since Teacher Cybear hits once every 0.5 seconds, the lowest possible recharge time for a meatshield is two seconds. If you want him to stop Teacher Cybear then you have to have 4 Meatshield. Despite having 4 Meatshields, you will need yet another unit to reduce his health. The best strategy that you need to apply is to spam all Meatshield that you have, which will cost you 75/150.

If you don’t have sufficient Cymeatshield then I advise you to use Jiangshi Cat because it will come in handy when he makes a lethal attack on you. If you don’t have Jiangshi Cat then you can use Kyubey Cat as its alternative. Besides these two cats, we did not find any cats that have lethal strike resistance.

When you reach the maximum level, Metal Cat would be the best option for you because it can survive for around 6 to 7 seconds of Cybear’s onslaught giving you enough time to destroy Cybear. If you really want to kill Teacher Cybear, I would advise you not to use Critical hitters as he will die in no time.

To make a fight with Teacher Cybear easier, we recommend using Speed-up, Research Up, Worker Cat Start-Up or Starting Money At Cat Combos. When it comes to using Cannon, you can use these — Iron Wall, Thunderbolt, Waterblast, or Breakerblast. Using these Cannons would help you defeat the Teacher Cybear.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete Forged To Kill Stage In The Battle Cats.