Cuphead: How To Get The Chalice Golden Skin (2022)

To unlock the Chalice Golden Skin, Players will need to talk to a Cactus NPC.

.Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game that focuses on boss battles. Players can get a lot of cool rewards for defeating bosses in the game. However, some rewards are rarer than the others. For instance, if players want to get the Golden Chalice Skin in Cuphead they will have to fight every boss in the game.

This makes it a pretty hard-earned skin in the game. Here’s how players can go about obtaining it in the game.


How To Get The Ms. Chalice Golden Skin In Cuphead?


Before players can get the Gold Chalice Skin in Cuphead, they must speak to a female Cactus NPC who is located on Inkwell Isle IV. She will guide the players in getting the Ms Chalice Golden Skin. Players can find this NPC sitting by a campfire.


Interact With The Cactus NPC And Defeat All Bosses With Ms Chalice

Once players speak to the Cactus NPC, she will tell players of a story that she wants to tell. All these stories are related to a specific boss that players must fight and defeat with Ms Chalice. Players will have to fight every boss in the game to get the Golden Skin. All the hints given by her are listed below.

Inkwell Isle I


I’d sure love to tell… Boss
‘The tale of the villanious veggies vanquished.’ The Root Pack.
‘The tale of that slime smashed silly.’ Goopy Le Grande.
‘The tale of the busted-up blimp.’ Hilda Berg.
‘The tale of the felonious flower felled.’ Cagney Carnation.
‘The tale of the trounced tadpoles.’ Ribby and Croaks.

Inkwell Isle II

I’d sure love to tell… Boss
‘The tale of the countess’s sugar crash.’ Baroness Von Bon Bon.
‘The tale of the creepy clown gone kaput.’ Beppi the Clown.
‘The tale of the meanie genie sent up in smoke.’ Djimm the Great.
‘The tale of the fire breather extinguished.’ Grim Matchstick.
‘The tale of how the bird got his wings clipped.’ Wally Warbles.


Inkwell Isle III

I’d sure love to tell… Boss
‘The tale of the bad bee buzzed off.’ Rumor Honeybottoms.
‘The tale of the pirate walking the plank.’ Captain Brineybeard.
‘The tale of the upstaged drama queen.’ Sally Stageplay.
‘The tale of the platoon pest gone awol.’ Werner Werman.
‘The tale of the bolt bucket’s bust-up.’ Dr. Kahl’s Robot.
‘The tale of the siren’s swan song.’ Cala Maria.
‘The tale of the locomotive in limbo.’ Phantom Express.

Inkwell Isle Hell 

I’d sure love to tell… Boss
‘The tale of the casino man’s comeuppance.’ King Dice.
‘The tale of the dastardly devil’s due.’ The Devil.

Inkwell Isle IV

I’d sure love to tell… Boss
‘The tale of those boozy bugs busted.’ Moonshine Mob.
‘The tale of the bruised big boulder.’ Glumstone the Giant.
‘The tale of the dusted desperado.’ Esther Winchester.
‘The tale of the cold congregation put on ice.’ Mortimer Freeze.
‘The tale of the punched up pack of pilots.’ The Howling Aces.
‘The tale of anyone else causin’ trouble.’ Chef Saltbaker.

Once players defeat all of the bosses in Cuphead with Ms Chalice they will unlock the Golden Skin.

How To Equip The Gold Skin For Ms Chalice?

Once players have got the Golden Chalice Skin in Cuphead, they can go to the options menu and select the Visual tab. Here, they will see a number of Filters. Players should browse through the filters till they see the Chalice option. Now, players must activate the Chalice filter and then exit the options menu. This will activate the Chalice Golden Skin in Cuphead.

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