How To Raise Faith In Cult Of The Lamb

Find out how to raise Faith amongst Followers in the game.

Cult of the Lamb is a game where players can build their own cult and have a following of cute woodland creatures. However, players will need to maintain a high Faith among their followers if they want to build a successful cult. Gathering Faith isn’t excessively difficult in Cult Of The Lamb. Players can follow our guide to raise the Faith among their cult quickly.

Methods To Raise Faith In Cult Of The Lamb


Faith plays a crucial role in having a successful cult in the game. When Faith is high, all Followers carry out their tasks and contribute to the progress of the cult. However, if the Faith within a cult is low, the Followers might start working against the cult. This is something the players want to avoid as it will hamper the expansion. We have listed a few ways to raise Faith in the Cult of the Lamb below.


Players can use doctrines to increase their followers’ faith when performing actions. Creating new doctrines will also contribute to raising Faith in the Followers.


Players can regularly give serm0ons to maintain a high Faith level within the cult. It allows the Followers to connect with their leader while players can get special powers after some sermons. Players should try to maintain daily sermons to maintain the Faith.

Let Followers Sleep At Night

Some basic rules do not change whether it is the real world or the world of Cult of the Lamb. One of those rules is that sleeping people do not like to be disturbed. The same also holds true for the Followers in the game. After Night falls in the Cult, Followers will go to their sleeping quarters. If players perform any actions that will disturb the Followers, Faith within the cult will drop. So, players should leave their followers alone at night if they want to maintain a certain level of Faith.

Create New Buildings

Players can build sleeping quarters, farms, or outhouses to gain Faith from the Followers. In addition, players can also place decorations to increase the level of Faith in Cult of the Lamb. Once players unlock the Belief in False Idols trait, they can get more Faith per decoration placed.

Deal With Dissenters

Dissenters work against the cult and try to turn its Followers against it. Players should deal with such dissenters quickly as their main purpose is to convert Followers into Dissenters. There are two ways to deal with Dissenters. Players can either choose to Re-Educate them or throw them in jail.

This is all about how players can increase Faith in Cult Of The Lamb. For more game guides, check out How To Get Coins Fast In Cult Of The Lamb?