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Cult Of The Lamb: How To Marry A Specific Follower

Here's how players can get married to followers in the game.

Cult of the Lamb is an action-adventure game where players can start their own cult and build a community of loyal woodland Followers. Players can also choose to marry their followers in the game. However, there are a few requirements players will need to complete before doing this.

How To Marry A Follower In Cult Of The Lamb?


Players will need to build  Commandment Stones before being able to marry a follower in Cult of the Lamb. They will need to have at least 2 Commandment Stones to unlock  the option. To create a Commandment, players will need to collect 3 fragments. These can be found by leveling up followers in the game.

Once players have unlocked marriage in the game, they can choose to marry any specific cultist they want at the altar. The marriage ceremony will grant players 30 Faith.

Players can choose to marry as many followers as they like. There are certain benefits to getting married. For example, players can level up one follower much faster if they are married. So, having multiple marriages gives players more chances to level up followers quickly.

H0wever, there are also some downsides to getting married too many times. It can cause the other partners to get jealous and preform negative actions against the cult. Players might want to keep their partners happy for this reason.

In case players want to end a marriage, they can do so by sacrificing their partner. Moreover, sacrificing a partner also gives rewards to the players. They can always choose to revive their partners if they wish to do so at any point in the game.

This is how players can marry a specific follower in Cult of the Lamb. For more guides related to the game, check out Fix Shrine Disappearing Error In Cult Of The Lamb.