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Former CS: GO Player MaiNLiNE Passes Away At 26

He was a former pro player and was 26 years old.

According to a tweet by jcrueL aka Joel Cruel of the former pro eUnited players, MaiNLiNE has passed away. The news broke on the 7th of October 2021, MaiNLiNE also known as Michael Jaber was 26 years old. Although the cause of death has not been reported yet, he did battle Cancer in 2019. In a tweet by him in 2019, he mentioned that he had cancer. Although the former CSGO Player MaiNLiNE had started a GoFundMe to get donations for surgery and also successfully got his surgery.

He was a coach and veteran for the NA CS:GO. Before being a coach, he was a participant in ELEAGUE Season 1. Some of the teams that he was part of are Method, Enemy, eUnited, Selfless Gaming.

He was on the Selfless Gaming roster when he joined the ELEAGUE.In 2018, he started coaching and has been a coach in 2018 and 2019. Throughout his whole career, he has earned about $29,290 in winnings.

In an article that is titled “Most Coachable Players, I’ve Coached” by Ryu, also known as Steve Ryu Rattacasa. Ryu has said some great things about the former CSGO Player MaiNLiNE. He is a retired Coach and Pro Player who was a coach from 2015 till 2018. Ryu said.”Lord, there’s something unbelievably entertaining about coaching and competing alongside Michael “Mainline” Jaber. I don’t think any player I’ve coached has been more willing to accept blame and take responsibility for mistakes, and do so in a way that both ended the potential in-fighting as well as uplifted the mood of the team.” Many ex Pro players and ex-teammates have been talking about how amazing MaiNLiNE was and how he never failed to uplift people’s moods.

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He was known for coaching and playing alongside some of the famous pros. Some of them being Pujan FNS Mehta, Kenneth koosta Suen, and mitch. Many people who have been alongside him mention him as being hilarious and say that he had amazing catchphrases and had contagious enthusiasm.