CS GO: How To Reach Supreme Master First Class (SMFC) Quickly?

SMFC is the second higher rank in CS GO. Let's see how to reach SMFC quickly and how you can get more Elo points in CS GO.

CS GO is the OG online multiplayer shooter game, so it is also the most competitive of all. CS GO is so competitive that most of the big names in Valorant are the ones who couldn’t make it big in CS GO. Supreme Master First Class is the second-highest rank in the game, which is why reaching it is no joke. Here’s everything you need to know about Supreme Master First Class (SMFC) in CS GO and how to get it quickly.

What Is Supreme Master First Class (SMFC) In CS GO?

As we said, Supreme Master First Class is the second-highest rank in CS GO. You don’t get a rank at the beginning, first players have to unlock matchmaking. To unlock matchmaking, players need to reach level 2 by playing in any of the maps available in the game. Once you have unlocked matchmaking, you will have to win 10 matches to get a rank, the first rank you get will be Silver 1.

After that, all you have to do is grind your way through to get a better rank. Your rank is decided by the Elo points you have, to reach Supreme Master First Class, you need to have more than 3300 Elo points.

How To Reach Supreme Master First Class (SMFC) Fast?

The ranking system is simple the more wins you get higher you go and vice versa, but there’s more to it. Elo points are not only based on the number of wins, it is a combination of your whole performance in the round, so everything from bombs planted, assists to MVPs combined decide the Elo points you get.

The best way to rank up is by focusing on winning the round instead of kills, as it will help you get more Elo points. We would also recommend players choose equally passionate teammates and not go solo because you never know who you match with.

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