Crunchy Chip Cookie Best Toppings Build In Cookie Run: Kingdom(CRK)

Crunchy Chip Cookie was recently introduced in CRK.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an action gacha RPG by Devsisters. It is the sixth game in the Cookie Run series. Players battle their way to glory and build towns in this epic adventure RPG. The game has a number of Cookies to choose from and new ones are always being introduced. The Crunchy Chip is an Epic Cookie that was recently introduced in the game. Players wondering what toppings build will work best with the Crunchy Chip in the Cookie Run: Kingdom will find their answers in the guide below.

Best Toppings Build For Crunchy Chip Cookie In Cookie Run: Kingdom


Crunchy Chip Cookie is a Charge type that will need to be unlocked in CRK. Players will first have to unlock the Cookie Odyssey story mode to get this Cookie. However, that story mode cannot be unlocked until players clear stages 12-30 in the regular story mode. Once this is done, players have a decent chance of getting this Cookie through the Gacha roll.

Now, let us discuss the best toppings build for the Crunchy Chip Cookie In CRK. Players will get the best out of this Cookie when they pair it with five Solid Almonds. This is because this Cookie can deal out an impressive amount of damage with the Wolf Squadron skill. However, it cannot take much damage. So, players need toppings that will boost the damage resistance of this cookie.

With the x5 Solid Almonds, players can ensure that the Crunchy Chip Cookie can actually fulfill its role at the front of the team. Moreover, the damage capacity of this cookie is high enough that players do not need to try and boost it with toppings. As long as players ensure that the Cookie can take some hits and still survive, they have a strong Epic Cookie on their hands.

These are the best toppings build for Crunchy Chip Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. For more CRK content, check out Herb Cookie Toppings In Cookie Run Kingdom.