CRK: What To Do When You Can’t Win In World Exploration?

Players can earn Coins, Kingdom EXP, and Cookie EXP in World Exploration.

World Exploration is the primary game mode of Cookie Run: Kingdom. It contains 16 Episodes with their own Story mode and Dark variant. Players can earn Coins, Kingdom EXP, Cookie EXP, and other rewards by winning in this mode. However, sometimes CRK players might find themselves stuck in World Exploration.

At such times, players need to analyze how they can improve their gameplay sufficiently to win. This guide will help players with some tips and tricks to keep winning World Exploration.

How To Win World Exploration In CRK?


It is not just enough to clear stages in World Exploration. Players also earn Stars based on their performance in the game. To earn three stars in CRK, players must clear a World Exploration Stage with all Cookies surviving. There can be many reasons behind a player consistently losing in CRK World Exploration. We have explored some of these reasons below and how players can remedy the issues.

Cookie Combinations

It is quite essential to choose the right Cookie combination when heading to World Exploration. Players need a balanced team composition that can work well with most playstyles and can beat the most difficult stages. A combination that works well for this mode is Hollyberry Cookie (Front), Strawberry Crepe Cookie (Front), Frost Queen Cookie (Mid), Sea Fairy Cookie (Mid), and Cotton Cookie (Rear). This gives players two strong Defense Cookies, two DPS Cookies, and a Healer Cookie. This combination will get players through most Stages in World Exploration.

Level Up Cookies

If players are repeatedly coming up short in a World Exploration stage, they need to increase the strength of their Cookies. Leveling Up Cookies can help players improve their overall effectiveness. To Level Up a Cookie, players will need to gain Experience Points. Players can feed EXP Star Jellies to their Cookies to level them up faster.

These are the best methods to start winning World Exploration stages in CRK. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more Cookie Run Kingdom guides, check out the Best Way To Get EXP Star Jellies In CRK.