Pomegranate Cookie Guide in Cookie Run: Kingdom(CRK)

Learn how to get the Pomegranate Cookie in cookie run.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is an RPG game on mobile where you get cookies out of a gacha or upgrade them by baking them using the Soulstones. Each cookie has a different ability and belongs to different classes. There is no way to reroll your main cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom when you first start other than having to restart the game. Pomegranate Cookie is a Support class Villian cookie. She dresses in red attire with pomegranate drop decorations. She’s hard to find so here is how to get Pomegranate Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

The Pomegranate Cookie Skills and Usage

A Pomegranate cookie is a rear position cookie that belongs to the Support class. The recommended toppings for this cookie to be boosted even more are Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate. This cookie’s magic applies a buff that restores HP over time for the whole squad as well as increasing attack power. This cookie’s magic is considered dark magic. She has a 17-second base cooldown with healing at 16% of ATK every 1 second over 5.0 seconds. You also get +20% ATK for 7.0 Seconds.

How to get the Pomegranate Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The Pomegranate Cookie is considered to be an epic Cookie. To get this you need patience as there is only a 19.278% chance you will get this from the Gacha. When you first start playing the game, you can roll the Gacha. You can spend diamonds on rerolling and removing more cookies from the gacha or simply start the game over. If you do not want to wait for such a long time to get this cookie, you can simply use Soulstones to bake this cookie and upgrade it. This way, you can add it to the roster.

Pomegranate Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

To conclude, the Pomegranate Cookie is one of the rarest cookies out there and is also very important in the game story mode, especially the dark mode. You need to have the patience to get this cookie! Have fun playing this new Cookie Run: Kingdom game.  Here are all the Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes.