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How To Get Coins In CRK?

Coins can be obtained by multiple methods in CRK.

Coins are one of the main currencies in CRK. You can use Coins to upgrade buildings, produce raw Materials, buy Decorations, upgrade Toppings and Skills, and promote Cookies. This is why it is important to farm Coins regularly in Cookie Run: Kingdom. This guide will elaborate on the best methods to get Coins quickly in the game.

CRK: How To Get Coins?


We have explained the best methods to get Coins in CRK below. If you follow through with these steps consistently, you should not have any issues collecting Coins fast.

Story Mode

One of the most straightforward ways to get Coins in CRK is by following the main game storyline. You can get XP and Coins as rewards for completing missions in the story mode.

Fountain Of Abundance

The Fountain of Abundance is a great source of Coins, XP, and other rewards. To maximize the rewards, you should keep upgrading the Fountain.

Balloon Dock

The Balloon Deck adventures give Coins and XP as a reward. Use the Balloon Dock to go on expeditions with your Cookies and you will be rewarded with ample Coins.

Tree Of Wishes

When you fulfill a wish from the Tree of Wishes, you get rewarded with Coins. It is an easy and consistent way of getting more COins in the game.

Tower of Sweet Chaos

Tower of Sweet Chaos can also be a source of Coins. The rewards are not as profitable as the methods mentioned above but you can still get a few Coins from this source in a pinch.

Tropical Soda Islands

The Tropical Soda Islands are unlocked a bit ahead in the game. However, once they are open, you can explore them to get more Coins. You will need Map Fragments and Caramel Spyglasses to explore the Islands. Many of the Islands produce Coins that can be collected every few hours. The Treasure Chests hidden in the archipelago also give Coins as rewards.

This is how you can get more Coins in CRK. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out Cookie Run: Kingdom Beginner’s Guide – How To Play?