How To Craft Shovel In Treasure Of Nadia (Explained)

Here's how you can Craft all the Shovels in Treasure Of Nadia.

As we all know Treasure Of Nadia is an erotic adventure game and has various characters in it. As you keep going on the adventure, you’ll meet many gorgeous women’s throughout your journey. However one of the main objectives is to Craft Tools, Potions, and many more things in the game. Crafting tools is easy, you just need the proper ingredients and you’ll be good to go. Although, if you don’t know how to Craft Shovel in Treasure of Nadia, then here’s a guide on how you can do it.

Treasure Of Nadia: How to Craft a Shovel?

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For crafting a Shovel in the game you’ll need various kinds of ingredients. There are 3 types of shovels in Treasure of Nadia. We have listed all the shovel recipes down below, just go through them and you’ll be good to go.

Jade Shovel

  • To Craft the Jade Shovel, you’ll need to pick up the Shovel Shaft, which you can find on the left side of Estero park.
  • After finding that, you’ll have to get the Shovel Handle, which will be in the Parlor (Backyard).
  • And then the final part is the Shovel Head, which you can buy for 80$ in Squalmart.
  • Now you just have to head to the Native Shrine and combine all the parts with the Jade Amulet.
  • And there it is, your Jade Shovel is ready.

Swift Shovel

  • To Craft the Swift Shovel, you will require a Carbon Shovel Shaft that will be in the Full Mast Bar.
  • Then you’ll need to buy a Shovel Head from the store.
  • After that you will have to go where the Scorpions used to be (Estero Park)
  • Then you just have to combine all the items with the Silver Talisman and your Swift Shovel will be ready. If you don’t have a Silver Talisman yet, here’s how you can Craft it.
    • 3 Stone Talismans + 1 Silver Ore.

Pirate Shovel

  • For Crafting the Pirate Shovel, you will need to go to the Church in Madalyn’s and find the Cursed Shovel.
  • Then with the help of the Lighthouse, Teleport to the Island and search for the Pirate’s Medallion.
  • And then simply combine it with the Jade and the Gold Talisman’s
    and voila your Pirate Shovel is Crafted.

(Note: We will keep updating this article if new Shovels are released.)

This is all you need to know about how to Craft Shovel in Treasure Of Nadia. If you want to Craft more things in the game, then here’s a list of all Crafting Recipes  for you.