Counter Side Event: How To Win Swim Pool Theme Towel & Shin Jia Mouse Pad

Here's a quick guide on how to win Counter Side Swim Pool Theme Towel and Shin Jia Mouse Pad.

The most anticipated Counter mobile game ‘Counter Side has finally been released and it has received an overwhelming response from critics and gamers alike. Since fans will no longer pre-register the game and grab exclusive rewards, the developer has provided an opportunity to win amazing rewards.

To win exclusive rewards in Counter Side, you will have to play the game, take a screenshot of the game and share them on Facebook by using the hashtag #CounterSide.

Here are certain rules that you will have to follow if you really want to grab amazing rewards through Counter Side.

  • Take an in-game screenshot and post it to YOUR Facebook with the hashtag #Counterside. Don’t forget to tag @CounterSide official page. Your participation is considered successful by completing the steps above.
  • We will randomly select 20 participants as winners. The winner list will be announced after the event ends and the prizes will be sent within 2 months (It might be prolonged depending on the delivery times). Please stay tuned!
  • This event is only available for the SEA region and the COUNTER: SIDE Operation Team reserves the right of final interpretation for the event.

⏰Event Time: Today – June 1

?Rewards: COUNTER: SIDE Swim Pool Theme Towel & Shin Jia Mouse Pad

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If you want to read more about Counter Side, stay tuned to Games Adda.