Cookie Run: Kingdom Characters Guide (2022)

Here is a list of all the cookies in the game!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the most played games in the Cookie Run Series. In this game, Cookies are the playable characters that are divided into different tiers according to their class, position, and rarity. There are over 50+ cookies introduced in the game so far and if you want to know about all of them, then you are in right place. Our Cookie Run: Kingdom Characters Guide will help you know about all the cookies available in the game so far.

So, scroll down to find out if you have unlocked all the rare, legendary, epic, and special cookies in the game or not!

List Of All Characters in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom Characters Guide

This is our complete list of all the characters i.e cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom. We have divided all the cookies according to the type or class and their rarity in the game. Go through the list and learn about all the essential cookies that you must unlock to enhance your game and level up faster in the game.

As we all know, we have to select a total of 5 cookies during each match in the game. So make sure you scroll through the list and get all the information about the best cookies that you must unlock to boost your performance in the game.

Type Cookies  Rarity 
Magic  Wizard Cookie Common
Blackberry Cookie Rare
 Devil Cookie Rare
Licorice Cookie Epic
Snow Sugar Cookie Epic
Espresso Cookie Epic
Latte Cookie Epic
Mango Cookie Epic
Squid Ink Cookie Epic
Pumpkin Pie Cookie Epic
Frost Queen Cookie Legendary
Healing  Angel Cookie Common
Custard Cookie III Rare
Herb Cookie Epic
Sparkling Cookie Epic
Pure Vanilla Cookie Ancient
Bomber   Alchemist Cookie Rare
Cherry Cookie Rare
Gumball Cookie Rare
Poison Mushroom Cookie Epic
Affogato Cookie Epic
Sea Fairy Cookie Legendary
Support  Carrot Cookie Rare
Onion Cookie Rare
Clover Cookie Rare
Mint Choco Cookie Epic
 Pomegranate Cookie Epic
Almond Cookie Epic
Cream Puff Cookie Epic
Fig Cookie Epic
Lilac Cookie Epic
Parfait Cookie Epic
Cotton Cookie Epic
Eclair Cookie Epic
 White Lily Cookie (NP) Ancient
Defense Strawberry Cookie Common
Avocado Cookie Rare
Knight Cookie Rare
Madeleine Cookie Epic
Milk Cookie Epic
Strawberry Crepe Cookie Epic
 Moon Rabbit Cookie Epic
 Cocoa Cookie Epic
Hollyberry Cookie Ancient
Charge  GingerBrave Common
Muscle Cookie Common
 Princess Cookie Rare
Dark Choco Cookie Epic
Purple Yam Cookie Epic
 Werewolf Cookie Epic
 Kumiho Cookie Epic
Red Velvet Cookie Epic
Raspberry Cookie Epic
Mala Sauce Cookie Epic
Tea Knight Cookie Epic
Dark Cacao Cookie Ancient
Ambush  Ninja Cookie Common
Adventurer Cookie Rare
Pancake Cookie Rare
Chili Pepper Cookie Epic
 Vampire Cookie Epic
Black Raisin Cookie Epic
Sorbet Shark Cookie Epic
 Sonic Cookie Special
Tails Cookie Special
Ranged  Beet Cookie Common
Rye Cookie Epic
Tiger Lily Cookie Epic
 Pastry Cookie Epic
Twizzly Gummy Cookie Epic
 Golden Cheese Cookie (NP) Ancient
Non-Playable (NP) Cookies Moonlight Cookie Legendary
Fire Spirit Cookie Legendary
Wind Archer Cookie Legendary
 Millennial Tree Cookie Legendary
Dark Enchantress Cookie Legendary

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