Contra Returns Mobile System Requirements

The OG Contra is back with a multiplayer mode on android and iOS. Here are the minimum system requirements your mobile should meet to run it.

Contra was one of the first co-op shooting games and holds a special place in the gaming community. Even though with new consoles came new games but none could replicate the joy of Contra. Contra returns on mobile have been just released and players should try the game. Here are the minimum system requirements your mobile should meet to be able to run Contra Returns.

Contra Returns Mobile Minimum System Requirements

Contra was an 8-bit game and the developers have said they will try to stick to the original game in terms of graphics and in-game features. This is the reason why many players are expecting that you won’t need a high-end phone and will be able to run Contra Returns on almost all mobile phones.
Contra Returns is available on Android and iOS both. The Player’s mobile should meet the below-mentioned requirements to run Contra Returns.

  • The mobile phone should have Snapdragon 625 processor or above. Any other processor equivalent to snapdragon 625 will also be able to run the game.
  • A 3GB RAM is necessary to run Contra returns but we would recommend players to run the game on a system with 4GB RAM for smooth gameplay.
  • The game itself is almost 1.2 GB and players will have to download some additional files as well. This is why your mobile should at least have 5 GB of space to run Contra returns smoothly.
  • Contra returns will enable players to enjoy the same old 2D world of Contra in 3D and full HD. To fully enjoy the game your mobile should have a Full HD display. (this is not compulsory as players can enjoy the game in 720p as well).

Contra Returns Release Date

Contra returns have been officially released on 26th July. As of now, the game is only available in the US and there is no news regarding the release of the global version. Contra returns will have an online mode as well but the global audience will have to wait a bit longer.

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