Coin Master: How To Switch Accounts?

Want to Switch Accounts in Coin Master? Check this guide out.

Coin Master is a game where you have to build and upgrade your village and progress to higher-level villages. Apart from that, you can also connect your in-game account with your Facebook account. The linking process safeguards your progress in the game. Also, you can get exclusive bonus rewards upon syncing with external accounts. Well, in this guide, we have covered how to Switch Accounts in Coin Master.

There are times when you have to switch accounts in the game due to several reasons. Many players like to operate multiple accounts in a game to better understand and implement other methods to improve their gameplay. Or maybe you wrongly signed into some other account. Read along further with this guide to learn more about it.

How to Switch Facebook Accounts in Coin Master?

Switch Accounts in Coin Master

It is very easy to Switch Accounts on Facebook in Coin Master. We have mentioned some steps below which can help you in carrying out this task. Kindly refer to those steps.

  • Open Facebook and click on the Menu icon
  • Then you can find Account Settings in the menu
  • Click on the Apps tab
  • Select Coin Master in the list
  • Press on Remove at the bottom of the page
  • Close Facebook and open Coin Master
  • Log in again with the correct account

In this manner, you can easily change your account before playing. Now that you know how to switch accounts in the game, you needn’t worry about managing several accounts. Apart from this, there is another way you can hop from one account to another.

You can download second-space applications from the play store. And use them to link and log in to another account if you have multiple accounts. This is all you need to about how to Switch Accounts in Coin Master. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can go ahead and feel free to browse through other similar guides such as How to Get Mighty Lion in Coin Master? and How to Change Raid?