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CODPTS.com Free Call Of Duty CP: Is It Safe To Use?

Find out whether CODPTS.com is safe to use for CP.

CODpts.com is a website that you can use to get free CP in Call of Duty. The website claims to give you free currency in the game. You can later use this currency to purchase skins and items in the game. But, is it a legit thing that you should use as a CP generator? Let’s find out more about it.

Is it safe to use CODpts.com for Call of Duty Mobile CP?

CODPTS.com Free Call Of Duty CP: Is It Safe To Use?

In the simplest of terms, don’t use CODpts.com for any sort of transaction. The site is a fake CP generator that is illegal and not recognized. COD Mobile doesn’t consider this site legit and many users have also faced issues with the same.

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The website promises to give players and users free CP that they can use in COD Mobile. However, this promise is fake and puts you at a potential security threat. So, again, don’t use this site for whatsoever reason.

We also discourage you from entering any payment and transaction details into the website. Nor should you conduct any sort of microtransactions from the website. CODpts.com is not legitimate for Call of Duty CP.

Do not enter in any personal details such as email IDs or home addresses as it might put you at risk of a potential security leak. When you use the website, you are also asked to install other third-party applications and malware. This puts your information and device at major risk. If there is a leak in the future, it might expose sensitive information.

This is everything that you will need to know about using CODpts.com for Call of Duty Mobile CP currency. While you are here you should also have a look at How To Fix COD: Warzone Crossplay & Friends List Not Working Issues In 2021.