Call of Duty: Warzone Gulag Glitch Causing Havoc For Players

Is there any way to fix the Gulag glitch in CoD: Warzone?

Call of Duty: Warzone has been plagued by glitches & bugs from the day it launched in 2020. One of the newest Bugs to make its entry to the Warzone Universe is the “Gulag” Glitch. This bug on the Gulag Map allows all waiting players to jump inside a game directly without taking part in the gulag match.

The most frustrating part of this bug is not even the misuse of the Gulag system, players re-spawning through this method gain an increased boost to their stats thus making them un-killable & un-targetable.

With these new invincible powers, the abusers then target the original players in the lobby by killing them swiftly. This CoD Warzone glitch is causing huge havoc to the players costing them lose vital stats like K/D Ratio & Win percentage as well spoiling the competitive integrity of the game.

Prominent Streamers Highlighting the Issue

Many important members of the Warzone community including professional players & streamers have been constantly addressing this issue to the developers from the day it first appeared. The famous warzone You tuber “NTrippy” has also highlighted the burning issue on his channel. Through a video, he demonstrated to his community the adversity of the glitch. He also urged the developers to take action against the abusers alongside making an update to fix the issue.

Activision Working on Fix?

There has been no official statement or announcement from Activision regarding the Gulag Glitch. The Activision support page on various social media platforms also seems to have not acknowledged the issue, as there has been no news, tweets, or post about it. Players and fans of the game have been extremely frustrated with the new glitch and are eagerly waiting for a patch to fix the issue at the earliest.

It is also rumoured that Activision is fully aware of the issue and is working on rolling out a soft patch to address the issue soon.

How To Avoid The Glitch Abusers?

Currently, there are no ways to avoid the bug abusers inside the game. Players have to wait for an official update from the developers to fix the issue. Alongside this mess, there has been another new bug emerging where players can die instantly while walking through a door.