100+ Cool & Unique COD Squad Names For Your Team (June 2022)

Looking for a cool and quirky name for your COD team?

Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game that is fun to play with friends. If you have your own COD team and looking for a cool and quirky name for your squad, this is the place to find it. Our COD Team Names Generator has over 100 funny and quirky names that you can call your squad.

COD Team Names Generator: 100+ Creative & Cute Names For COD Squad



Every squad needs an awesome name to cement the camaraderie within the Team. To unite your team under a crazy and cool name, check out our list of over 100 names below.

  1. Swift Gunslingers
  2. Salty Assailant
  3. Distinct Alliance
  4. Simple Almighty
  5. Damaged Discipline
  6. Past Irresistible
  7. Strong Rebels
  8. First Liquidators
  9. Lively Knights
  10. Grandiose Exile
  11. Reminiscent Assassins
  12. Lonely Gang
  13. Tense Gangsters
  14. Pricey Enemy
  15. Beneficial Warfare
  16. Inquisitive Moguls
  17. Envious Force
  18. Zonked Sharpshooters
  19. Acidic Tyranny
  20. Hilarious Hooligans
  21. Expensive Punks
  22. Hot Exterminators
  23. Magical Mafia
  24. Able Soldiers
  25. Shiny Gunslingers
  26. Smiling Rebels
  27. Sacred Knights
  28. Fabulous Assassins
  29. Spiky Gangsters
  30. Neighborly Warfare
  31. Able Outlaws
  32. Somber Sharpshooters
  33. Whispering Domination
  34. Scientific Punks
  35. Ruthless Admirals
  36. Brave Noobs
  37. Bashful Knights
  38. Smiling Assassins
  39. Sacred Voltiac
  40. Cobalt Angel Association
  41. Denim Skeleton Tribe
  42. Demon Sharktooth Band
  43. Ice Horn Tribe
  44. Grizzly Bull Riders
  45. Liontooth Soldiers
  46. Demon Dwarf Posse
  47. Brass Gorilla Squad
  48. The Destroyers
  49. The Grim Reapers
  50. The Anarchists
  51. The Nameless
  52. The Dragons
  53. The Grey Pincers
  54. The Razor Company
  55. The Orange Raven Tribe
  56. The Grey Snake Company
  57. The Brass Dragontooth Crew
  58. The Ebony Knuckle Soldiers
  59. The Red Rider Crew
  60. The Denim Sword Soldiers
  61. The Banner Clan
  62. The Monkeys
  63. The Green Elephants
  64. The Owls
  65. The Forsaken
  66. The Silence
  67. The Azure Knuckles
  68. The Ebony Ghosts
  69. The Flame Butterflies
  70. The Skull Brotherhood
  71. The Crimson Alien Syndicate
  72. The Denim Bat Tribe
  73. The Copper Lion Company
  74. The Thorns
  75. The Blue Tear Company
  76. The Toads
  77. The Night Stalkers
  78. The Flame Dragons
  79. The Crystal Rebels
  80. The Sanguine Jackals
  81. The Crystal Lilies
  82. The Scarlet Vultures
  83. The Ice Rats
  84. The Onyx Crocs
  85. The Growlers
  86. The Orange Dragons
  87. The Emerald Crosses
  88. The Wild Ones
  89. The Unseen
  90. The Men Of The Night
  91. The Empty Eyes
  92. The Void
  93. The Fallen Angels
  94. The Salvation
  95. The Silent Footsteps
  96. The Wildlings
  97. The Demon Ravens
  98. The Violet Chainsaws
  99. The Blue Plunderers
  100. The Spider Brotherhood
  101. The Diamond Death Band
  102. The Blue Sharkfins
  103. The Denim Crows
  104. The United Front
  105. The Eagle Knight


These are all the smart and quirky names that you can use for your squad. If you didn’t find a name to your liking, we will be updating our COD Team Names Generator list soon. Till then, check out 100+ Mobile Legends Squad Names List.


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