COD Mobile – How To Get Mythic Weapons For Free?

Here is a quick guide to get Mythic Weapons in COD Mobile!

Call of Duty (COD) Mobile is undoubtedly an extensively played mobile game in the Battle Royal Genre.  It has plenty of weapons, armors, skins, and many more things that keep players entertained throughout. Mythic Weapons are one of the most exclusive weapons that every player would like to get and showcase during matches.

These are the weapons that are placed in a tier above Legendary weapons and are rare and difficult to obtain in COD Mobile. So if you are looking for ways to get Mythics Weapons in COD Mobile then without wasting any more time let us get started with it.

How To Get Mythic Weapons In COD Mobile?

COD Mobile Mythic Weapons

Who would not like to get the best skins and weapons and show them off during Battles? But they aren’t that easy to obtain. The only way to get Mythic weapons in COD Mobile is through the Mythic Lucky Draws.

Mythic Lucky Draws are luck-based spins in COD Mobile that costs 10 COD Points (CP) for the first spin and goes on multiplying as you go for the number of spins. Eg. 1st Spin= 10 CP, 2nd Spin= 30 CP, 3rd Spin= 50CP and so on.

CP or Cod Points is an in-game currency in Call Of Duty Mobile that can be obtained only by spending real-world money. So if you want to get Mythic Weapons in COD then one must gather enough CP required for spins first before trying their luck on the Mythic Lucky Draw.

Get enough CP by either spending real-world money or by winning matches and get all your dazzling Mythic Weapons in COD Mobile.

Way To Get Mythic Weapons For Free:

Getting CP using real-world money might not suit everyone’s pockets and hence we have figured out some ways for you to get free CP in COD mobile. There are many applications available on the internet that pay you some cash points that you can convert into COD Points and later use them to get Mythic Weapons. these apps are available to download for free and can really help you earn legit CP in the game without spending any penny.

So, if you want to get Mythic Weapons for free then click on this link and get free CP in COD Mobile and enjoy flaunting your weapons in front of your friends!