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What Is Hip Fire In COD Mobile?

Learn how to hip fire and get perfect kills in COD Mobile.

There are various techniques and ways to fire in all the shooting games. One needs to be always alert, use all their skills to play like a pro to get maximum kills and win the match. Call Of Duty has also received immense love after its launch on mobile and there are thousands of players who play it on daily bases. For all those players who switched from a big screen to a small mobile screen, it must be a little difficult to make the best use of their aiming and firing skills.

In this article, we will tell you about how to hip fire in COD Mobile and get maximum kills in close proximity. Scroll down and find out to turn on the hip fire and play like a pro.

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What Is Hip Fire In COD Mobile?

When a player is stuck in a closed area and suddenly comes in contact with an enemy, he can choose to hip fire to kill him and save himself. This is the best technique when the enemy is hardly a few steps away from you. But you can also use it for long-range if someone suddenly pops up and start firing at you.

The default set firing type in COD Mobile is ADS type but it takes a bit longer to aim and shoot. This might get you killed in a situation where you have to be quick. Therefore, to save yourself from getting killed in such situations you can turn on the Hip Fire mode in COD Mobile.

Read further to know how to switch the Hip Fire mode on in Call Of Duty Mobile.

How To Turn Hip Fire Mode On?

Hip Fire In COD Mobile

Here are all the steps to turn Hip Fire mode on in Call Of Duty Mobile.

  • Launch COD Mobile on your device.
  • Now click to the Settings, and head to the controls tab.
  • Select the mode that you wish to play in and then click on the Advanced Mode.
  • On the next screen, you will find two options: one-tap ADS and Hip Fire.
  • Click on Hip Fire to change your default mode of shooting to Hip Fire mode.
  • Start the game and kill all the enemies in your radius.

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