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Best CoD Mobile Controller Settings (2022)

Here are the best controller settings and sensitivity for CoD Mobile.

Call of Duty Mobile is a free-to-play shooter game for Android and iOS. While the game is traditionally meant to be played using the mobile touch screen, there is also an option to play the game through a controller. This option can make the game a lot easier for players used to controllers. However, what are the best controller settings for CoD mobile? While the best controller settings largely depend on the player using them, there are some settings that can give a great performance for almost all players.

The Best Controller Settings For CoD Mobile


To set up their controller settings, players first need to go to the CoD Mobile settings and select the Controller option. After enabling the controller support, players can start to customize their controller settings. Below are the optimal settings for CoD Mobile that should work for all players using a controller.

Best Controller Settings

  • X-axis FLIP: Default
  • Y-axis FLIP: Default
  • Flip triggers with bumpers: Default
  • Tap ADS: Hold
  • Auto-Sprint: Off
  • Sprint Function: Push left joystick forward

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Best Controller Sensitivity Settings

  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 130 – 150
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 120 – 150
  • ADS and Non-Scope Horizontal Sensitivity: 80 – 100
  • Scope Horizontal Sensitivity: 85 – 100
  • Scope Vertical Sensitivity: 90 – 100
  • Sniper ADS Horizontal Sensitivity: 50 – 80
  • Sniper ADS Vertical Sensitivity: 50 – 90

These are considered some of the best controller settings for the game. These settings can give a good performance for almost all players. However, players can find their best settings by fiddling with different settings to see if any others work better for them. At the end, the best controller settings are the ones that players feel most comfortable in. If players can give their optimal performance in certain settings, those are the best suited settings for them.

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