Clash Royale Chest Tracker: Everything You Need To Know (2022)

Players can obtain chests by completing Challenges, winning battles, or buying them

Clash Royale is a free-to-play game which combines elements from multiple games to give players enjoyable mix of card games, tower defense, and battle arena. Chests are a reward system in the game through which players can get Gold, Gems, Cards, and Wild Cards. Players can obtain chests by completing Challenges, winning battles, or buying them. There are three much coveted chests in Clash Royale. These are the Super Magical Chest, the legendary chest and the legendary king’s chest. However, how can a player know when these chests will arrive in the game? With a little help from the Clash Royale Chest Tracker.

What Is The Clash Royale Chest Tracker?


It is a companion app to Clash Royale that helps players know when magical chests will arrive in the game. Clash Royale Chest Tracker is a statistics based app that predicts what chest players will get next based in the chest they received. As players are likely to get 1 gold chest for every 3 silver chests, this app can easily speculate the next magical chest. It is quite a helpful device for players planning to get all the chests in the game.

Once players receive a chest, they can visit the “How Many Chests Until” section. This tells them how many chests they need to unlock the Gold, Giant, or Magical chest. However, this app does have its limitations. It cannot predict when the Epic, Super Magic, or Legendary Chests will drop. These chests drop at random and there is no way to predict their pattern.

Is Clash Royale Chest Tracker Safe?


It is safe to use this predication app. However, players must be cautious and use the legit app. There are a lot of fraudulent imposter apps that pretend to track chests but instead are leaking a player’s private data. Many sites that claim to give out free gems also fall under this category. When unsure about the legitimacy of an app or site, it is best to stick to officially sanctioned sources.

That is all there is to know about the Clash Royale Chest Tracker. For similar content, see Clash Royale Emote Tier List.