Can You Sell Your Character as an NFT in MIR4?

Selling your MIR4 character as an NFT might be easier than you thought.

MIR4 is an open world, K-Fantasy MMORPG. Here, players are able to fight each other as they climb the ranks to become king. By becoming king, you win absolute power and honour for your clan. Strategy is key to doing this since power alone is not enough to compete with. This Indonesian game has quickly become one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world. With raids, mines and money, devs keep players on their toes with all kinds of features being added to the game. Now, you can even sell your character as an NFT in the game. Here is everything that you need to know about how to sell your character as an NFT on MIR4.

How to Convert your Character to an NFT

Can You Sell Your Character as an NFT in MIR4

Since December 14th, 2021, players could sell their own character as an NFT. Here is how you too can convert your character into an NFT.

  • Your character must have a Power Score of 100,000
  • The character level must be over 60
  • Post conversion into an NFT, your character will still remain playable
  • Develop your character some more to increase the value of your NFT

How to Sell your NFT Character

Now, you are ready to sell your character as an NFT in MIR4, Follow these steps to do the same:

  • You must seal your character
  • This will allow for it to be available to the market
  • Now, your character will no longer be playable
  • It will be now be transferred to your WeMix Wallet
  • Log into WeMix now
  • Go to the ‘NFT Market
  • Now, set the price of your character as an NFT
  • View other submitted NFTs through XDRACO
  • Now, be patient as people browse through the WeMix marketplace
  • You too can buy or sell another character here and play like that in MIR4

You can now buy and sell a character with ease as NFT in MIR4. Browse through the marketplace to see the various costs that others make for their own characters. While you’re here, check out this article on the April patch of the game.