All Century: Age Of Ashes Classes (2022)

Here is everything you need to know about all the classes in Century: Age Of Ashes.

Century: Age Of Ashes has been released and all players are really enjoying riding dragons and fighting with the enemies. There are three classes in the game that players are asked to choose from before they get into any PVP match. To choose and start with any class it is very important to know the skills and abilities of every class. To provide you with all information, here is a complete guide on all classes in Century: Age Of Ashes.

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List Of All Classes In Century: Age Of Ashes

There are a total of 3 classes in Century: Age Of Ashe and there are chances that the devs will add more classes in the times to come. Without any further ado, let’s get started with the list of classes available in Century: Age of Ashes.

1. Skeldian Windguard

Skeldian Wingard is the first class in the Century: Age Of Ashes. She is a trained defender of the Skeld Army. She uses mount’s powers to defend her allies from enemies.

Century: Age Of Ashes All Classes

It is said that seeing them in nature brings good fortune.
They rescue the brave in the darkest hours.
Salvation Surge
Dashes onto a locked ally and gives a temporary shield when nearby.
Heals for a small amount and reduces fireballs’ cooldown.
Abilities Windguards use Smoke Trail or Blast in battle

2. Naerdor Phantom

Naerdor Phantom is a hailing from the East and is known as sole heirs of first dragoneer orders. They are skilled dragon riders who are capable of causing death to their enemies by using their ability to cloak them within the skies.
Century: Age Of Ashes All Classes

A stealthy and terrifying creature.
Those whom she spares eternally fall into madness.
Mystic Shroud
Cloaks your character for a short duration.
Attacking will cancel the effect while releasing a more powerful fireball.
Abilities Phantoms use Mine or Blast in battle

3. Svard Marauder

Marauders are also known as skilled poachers and are cruel hunters. They are trained in such a way that they never give up on their prey.

Century: Age Of Ashes All Classes

Bloodchaser The ultimate alpha predator, capable of smelling the scent of blood from the top of the mountains where it resides.
Hunter’s Mark
Throws a tracking fireball to a locked enemy.
Attacks against tracked enemies have increased damage.
Abilities Marauders use Gust or Frost Bolts in battle

This is everything you need to know about all classes in the Century: Age of Ashes. As soon as the devs will add more classes to the game, we will update this post.