Cards Against Humanity: How To Play?

Cards Against Humanity is a fun adult party game.

Cards Against Humanity is a fun party game meant for adults. It is a great ice-breaker to get large groups of people interacting with each other. The game needs at least four players to get started but there is no limit to how many people can play the game. Since Cards Against Humanity is a casual, non-competitive game its main aim is to just have fun. Players pick from a pile of questions and answers to come up with the most ludicrous and provocative answers imaginable. If you’re wondering how to play Cards Against Humanity, read on below.

How To Play Cards Against Humanity?


  • From the deck of cards, each player needs to pull ten white Answer cards. The black Question cards should be left face down.
  • The official rule book is a bit silly when it comes to choosing who will pick the first black Question card. As per the rules, the “person who most recently pooped” is the “Card Czar” and should go first.
  • This player should pick up the black Question card on top and read it out loud for other players. This card must then be put face up.
  • Each player must now choose an answer from their white Answer cards to the Question. The goal is to pick the wittiest answer possible. Once players have selected a white Answer card, they must put the white cards face down in a pile. Go in the order that will be followed for the rest of the game. Sometimes, a black card can ask players to Pick 2. Here players should select two white cards to play instead of one.


  • Next, the chosen Card Czar must pick up the white cards and shuffle them. Once they are properly shuffled, the black Question card must be reread, followed by all the white Answer cards. These white cards should now be put face up as they have already been played.
  • The Card Czar will now choose his favourite answer from all the white cards and that player gets an Awesome Point.
  • This will conclude one round of the game. The next round should now begin with a new Card Czar which is the person sitting to the current Card Czar’s left.
  • Players can continue playing the game till they are bored or till one player hits 100 Awesome Points.


This is how you can play Cards Against Humanity with friends. For more gaming guidelines, check out Games Adda’s Gaming Section.