Best Car Racing Games for Android (2023)

Top 10 best car racing games that Android users should download right now.

Tired of the games currently on your phone and looking for a more competitive challenge? Racing games not only help improve your reflexes but can also reduce stress in the long term. Do you know what increases stress though? Not playing the right game for YOU. To keep those stress levels down and dopamine levels up, here are the Top 10 best car racing games for Android and the links to the Play Store for each one.

Top 10 Best Car Racing Games for Android

Best Car Racing Games For Android H2


Asphalt 8

Asphalt 9 Car Racing Games

When asking the question ‘which are the best car racing games?’ the first one to pop in almost everyone’s mind has got to be Asphalt 8. Apart from the 300+ vehicles to choose from, each track is unique and every event has something new and exciting to offer.

Another great feature of this game has to be the great multiplayer and single player racing experiences. Play in the World Series or unlock prizes in the limited-time racing events, this world is your oyster and you can do anything!

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends Car Racing Games

Being part of the Asphalt series and as a successor to popular Asphalt 8 (AKA the best race car game ever); you can expect nothing less than the best from this game. With the TouchDrive feature allowing us to play without worrying about acceleration and steering, the game is much simpler and more fun to use than most.

With top notch graphics, game modes and lifelike scenery, the game is almost too good to be true. And it is with the freemium property of every good app coming in to ruin the day. If only beggars could be choosers, the gaming world would be a better place for us all.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing

Ever since the pandemic began, there has been more of a need for online multiplayer games than ever. Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a racing game that provides the arcade experience that one would otherwise get when it comes to playing with friends (or alone).

The maps, carts, competition and power ups are more than enough to keep you on your toes as you race to the top. Although there are in-app purchases, these are not a big problem for regular players as you can win coins and head to the store when needed. So keep participating in the different events and Get. That. Coin!

CSR 2 – Drag Racing Car Games

Best Car Racing Games For Android CSR2

Partnered with real car companies such as Lamborghini, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Aston Martin and the works, you can not only race a spectacular car but also customise it to your preference. Drag racing has never been more exciting!

At the rate of FREE.99, you can get all this in the ultimate simulator for motorized vehicles. Compete with players all across the world and make your own collection of cars that’ll help you to beat tough bosses in major cities and continents. It’s almost too exciting to write about.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Bringing Mario Kart to our smartphone screens has been one of the best things that Nintendo has done (after creating all of our favourite games, consoles and memories of course). Now with customisable mii characters, the game is even more fun as you drive through crazy courses and avoid difficult opponents that you hit with bombs, shells, banana peels and more.

What’s even cooler is that the game can be played in the player’s own preference of portrait or landscape. So whether you’re casually gaming or a pro racer, this game is a definite must play for both.

Need for Speed™ No Limits

NFS No Limits Car Racing Games

A classic car racing game that actually set the standard for the best car games from way back when, NFS is not yet one to be shelved and kept away. Build up a notable collection and take it to the streets with these tricked up classics. Using touch and tilt control makes the game smooth and easy to use as you go through the race course and fight for your place at the top.

Fair warning though, the ads and in-app purchases can be a bit annoying and you can’t get to the higher levels without them getting in the way.

Tofu Drifter

Tofu Drifter

A more unique find on this list, Tofu Drifter combines two of our favourite things, soyabean-paneer and drifting. A major bonus with this game is that there are neither forced ads nor any in-app purchases to be made here.

Play in portrait mode as you drift around and deliver precious tofu to customers without spilling over. Make sure to get the coins along the way as it contributes to renovations you make to the restaurant and cars that you get.

Grand Prix Story

Grand Prix Story Best Car Racing Games For Android

Want a racing game that’s doesn’t just stick to the track? Grand Prix Story is perfect for you to manage and take a whole team of racers to the top. In this 8-bit style game, you can build sponsorship deals, recruit as well as train drivers and be the boss. Of course, this is a racing list and we would be amiss if you didn’t actually get to race in the game (which you totally do). But a little side hustle is also quite enjoyable in and outside of gaming.

Thumb Drift

Thumb Drift Car Racing Games

Playing with both hands isn’t always ideal, sometimes all you have to game with is your thumb. Here is where Thumb Drift comes to the rescue. Keeping controls easy enough but not the levels that you play is all that you need to know as you relax but also enjoy the game while multitasking a good lunch or a job on the side.

Hill Climb Racing 2

Best Car Racing Games For Android

A bored truck driver climbing up and down many a hill as he races none other than himself, what could be more fun than that? Come and battle physics with just two simple controls, accelerate and brake. Play against fellow truck drivers as you race to the top (and sometimes bottom) of the hill while trying to stabilize your driver, lest he and his car fall and break.

Race to the top and play to your heart’s content. What are your favorite car racing games for android and which of these do you like most? And for those that are Asphalt series lovers, check out these cheats, tips and more for Asphalt 9.