Candy Crush Saga: What Are Sugar Stars?

Sugar Stars can be extremely difficult to attain in the game.

Candy Crush Saga has many elements that occasionally stump players. The Sugar Stars are used to mark the mastery of levels similar to Gold Crowns. It can be extremely difficult to attain these stars. If you are wondering what Sugar Stars are and how to attain them in Candy Crush Saga, this guide has all the answers for you.

What Are Sugar Stars In Candy Crush Saga?


Sugar Stars are awarded to players once they score twice what the 3-star goal is. This means that if the 3-star score is 300,000 points, the sugar stars score is 600,000 points. Since they require twice the score, it can be difficult to obtain them.

They can substitute Gold Crowns for certain elements of the game. Players that manage to achieve sugar stars on a level will receive a notification stating “Sweet Combo! Mastery on the first try!”. When players obtain the target score they will also be informed of this by the game through voice audio.

Players only start receiving Sugar Stars once they have cleared Level 51 of the game. It is not possible to earn Sugar Stars in the first four episodes of Candy Crush Saga. Once you have cleared past Level 51, you can try to double your three-star goal in order to win these stars. When you receive a Sugar Star, you are also rewarded with 25 experience points for the Fantastic Five challenge.

Sugar Stars are a mark of a player’s mastery of levels. Players can continue to master levels and work their way toward the Master Trophy. Earning this trophy gives multiple benefits like a 10% bonus score, 5 minutes off in lives recharge, and Extra Moves at the start of the level for the next episode.

This is everything about the Sugar Stars in Candy Crush Saga. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. For more guides related to the game, check out Best Way To Get EXP Star Jellies In CRK.