Candy Crush Saga: Full Characters List

Here are all the Candy Crush Saga characters.

Candy Crush Saga is a casual puzzle game popular in all age groups. The game currently has more than 800 episodes. And many adorable and interesting characters that make interaction more fun. So here is a full list of all Candy Crush Saga characters.

Full List of All Candy Crush Saga Characters

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Since the game has so many levels, there are over 100 characters, including the main and antagonist ones. So we divided them based on that category, plus added location, event, and levels where they first appeared in the game. Let us now look at the list.

Main Characters

Main Characters First Appearance
Allen Salty Canyon
Benny Easter Bunny Hills
Olivia Wafer Wharf
Tiffi Default


Antagonist First Appearance
Bubblegum Troll Bubblegum Bridge
Cherry Baroness Waffle Workshop
Cupcake Carl
Gerbil Pastille Pyramid
Jelly Queen Cloud Climb

Side or Minor Characters

Other Characters First Appearance
Archie Candy Creative Season
Barry Crumbly Coast
Bear Honey Hut
Berry Fudge Islands
Bobby Soda Swamp
Boomer Marmalade Meadow
Captain Sweet Tooth Butter Rum Reef
Caramella Hoax Hollow
Casey Butterscotch Boulders
Casey the Conductor Caramel Canyons
Caterpillar Caramel Clearing
Claude Bonbon Bistro
Coco Coco Crossroads
Count Dessert Desert
Crab Brulee Bay
Dachs Cocoa Courtyard
Dexter Cereal Sea
Dinosaur Jelly Jungle
DJ Liquorice Lounge
Doxen Cooper Nougat Noir
Dutch Girl Wafer Windmill
Elephant Raspberry Races
Ellen Gummy Galaxy
Genie Jellybeanie Peppermint Palace
Georgina Boneyard Bonanza
Ghost Spine Chilling Climb
Giggles Cupcake Circus
Gingerbread Woman Holiday Hut
Hilda Fudge Fjord
Hippo Luscious Lagoon
Jean-Luc Eggnog Emporium
Jem Delectable Depths
Jimmy Marshmallow Mountains
Kitty Drizzly Dale
Knight Crunchy Courtyard
Licorise Gummy Gardens
Liquorice Cat Barking Boutique
Little Star Fizzy Falls
Mario Choco Rio Grande
Mario Lopez It’s Candy Show Time
Marshmallow People Mellow Marshmallow
Mary Pearly White Plains
Milky Moo Chocolate Barn
Milly Savory Shores
Minty Rainbow Runway
Monkey Taffy Tropics
Mr. Giant Candy Clouds
Mr. Pear Meringue Moor
Mr. Raccoon Candy Calaboose
Mr. Rockstar Polkapalooza
Mr. Snail Gummy Gardens
Mr. Toffee Candy Town
Mr. Vampire Crunchy Castle
Mr. Yeti Chocolate Mountains
Magic Mort Jelly Wagon
Neko Pudding Pagoda
Nigel Licorice Tower
Nina García Cake Climb event
Organist Sour Salon
Paul Delicious Drifts
Penguin Siberian Sorbet
Pepe Munchy Monolith
Pete Biscuit Bungalow
Princess Chocolate Chamber
Princess Rapunzel Teapot Tower
Professor Lolli Lab
Rabbit Wonky Wonderland
Ramsay Sugary Shire
Reindeer Cloudberry Creek
Robby Marmalade Moon
Roberta Candy Factory
Roman Kemp All Stars
Seb Creator’s Crib
Shiba Inu Ice Cream Caves
Snowmen Festive Forest
Stella Bubblegum Hut
Sue Candy Keep
Suzy Sticky Savannah
Tiki Caramel Cove
Tomas Truffle Terrace
Tommy Pastille Pyramid
Volcano Caramel Cove
Witch Gingerbread Glade

This was the full list of Candy Crush Saga characters that have appeared in the game till now. And we will the list as soon as we get new ones. Meanwhile, read how to remove Frog and clear level 532 and the top 10 games like Candy Crush to play on your phone.