Where To Buy Shield In Yakuza Like A Dragon?

Here a complete guide on where to buy Yakuza Like A Dragon Shield.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a role-playing video game developed and published by Sega. The game is one of the much-loved gangster video games. In the game, world players will have many tasks that they will have to perform. One such task is to buy shields. Shields are the best offense and defense in the game that helps Ichiban and co as they reach Chapter 5 of the game.

Yakuza Like A Dragon Shield Guide

The game has multiple jobs that Ichiban and co can opt for when they have reached Chapter 5. Each job has its own unique attribute and brings with it different things. Enforcer is one such unique job that requires a piece of good equipment otherwise the job is of no use. Hence it is important to buy proper equipment in the game to equip which will suit your job type. We decided to help you with a complete guide on where to buy shields in Yakuza: Like a Dragon 

Yakuza Like A Dragon Shield – Whispers of the Underworld

It is quite rare to acquire shields in the games since they are incredibly rare to find in shops. They rarely appear in any of the weapon shops in all of Yokohama. You will have to reach Chapter 9 after which you will receive a quest to complete a substory. After which you will gain access to a hidden weapons shop in the black market.

To gain access to the hidden black market weapon shop you will have to take on the Substory 36 – Whispers of the Underworld quest and complete it. This will unlock the Chau Ka Long’s Armory which is a black market weapon shop. This is the only weapons shop in the entire game where you will find a Shield weapon.

Western Shield

  • Cost
    • 98,000 yen
  • Stats
    • Attack – 105
    • Magic – 70
    • Healing – 67

Yakuza Like A Dragon Shield –  Romance Workshop

If you wish to get a shield using some other means you yourself will have to craft it at Romance Workshop. But this method is not recommended since it’s gonna cost you a lot. If you are lucky enough you may stumble upon a shield while exploring Yokohama.

When you reach Chapter 5 you will gain access to Romance Workshop and will also open up the job system for all players. You will also be able to change the outfits for your party. Also, you can change your job to Enforcer that uses the shield as his weapon. This job is perfect to have a great tank on your side and is an ideal choice of job for Adachi.

Yakuza Like A Dragon Shield Guide

To craft your own shield you will have to spend around 2.3 million yen. The workshop rank should be around level 3. To do so you will need to use 200,000 yen just to rank it to level 2 after which again you will have to spend 2,000,000 yen to get it to Rank 3.

You will be able to craft a Golden shield which is quite decent for the beginning of your job as an Enforcer. But finding the items to craft it will be tough since they will be available in the later chapters. It just won’t make any sense in having a job like an Enforcer till then. But if you have purchased the special edition Yakuza Like a Dragon – Legendary Hero Edition will you be able to have all materials early.

Golden Shield

  • Cost
    • 100,000 yen
  • Materials Needed
    • Sturdy Iron x10
    • Refined Iron x10
    • Tempered Glass x10
    • Gold Ingot x1

But you must keep in mind that Enforcer will only be helpful if you have the shield otherwise it will prove to be the weakest job choice. Either finish Substory 36 – Whispers of the Underworld quest to buy a shield from the black market shop or make your own shield by crafting it at Romance Workshop.

Your best choice would be to change your job to Enforcer in the later stage when you are finally able to acquire the shield. Do try your best to get a shield since its power will prove to be that of a beast. You won’t regret having a job with such high defense and offense power. Hope you found our article on Where To Buy Shield In Yakuza Like A Dragon? helpful. Keep following us on our website GamesAdd.in for more such guides and updates