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Best BTS Games For ARMY To Enjoy

Here are the best games that ARMY should try.

BTS is a K-Pop band that has become quite a global sensation with millions of fans. Their fans, called the ARMY, like getting to know more about the Bangtan Boys. Apart from music, there are also a number of games based on BTS that the ARMY can enjoy. Each of these games offers some unique insight into the BTS members’ lives and personalities. So, if you are ARMY and want to play games that have the BTS members as characters, here are some of the best options.

What Are The Best Games For The BTS Army?

There are a lot of games that feature the BTS members at the front and center. The BTS members have directly been involved in the creation process of some of these games. They are a perfect way to pass the time for the BTS ARMY. Let us take a look.

10. BTS V Skate


This is a BTS game only in name. The skater character is supposed to be BTS member V but the resemblance is not striking. The players have to collect coins while avoiding obstacles and creatures. Players can go through three difficulty levels from the beginner to the experienced. It is a casual game with repetitive stages for players that want kill some time.

However, the game can get boring really fast and  that is why it is quite low on our list in the best BTS games.



This is quite a simple quiz game. Players just have to answer Yes or No type questions about BTS. If players get more that 2 wrong answers, they fail and have to start the game again. When players win, they get harder questions to solve. It is a good game to get bragging rights as a BTS ARMY. It is quite an easy game for those that have been following the band for a while.

8. Eat BTS


This is another simple game where players have to catch food with a BTS member as their character. They can move the character left to right and need to avoid poison to stay in the game. It is a simple, repetitive game that can be quite fun for a few hours.

7. A.R.M.Y Game


This is kind of a BTS themed game show. Each BTS member serves as the host for a different category. RM is the host for the daily quests and weekly challenges. Players can get wallpaper images each time they complete a task or challenge in this category.

Meanwhile, Junkook hosts the Art section where players participate in quizzes and music games abut BTS songs. Similarly, each BTS member has a specific category and players can interact and learn more about BTS with this game.

6. ARMY Quest: BTS ERAs


This is a relatively unknown game that takes players  through a highlight reel of the different Era’s of BTS. It comprises of some unforgettable moments and milestones for the Bangtan Boys. Players will get  to relive the iconic moments through mini games, pictures and quizzes. Each Era in the game consists of many levels each involving a puzzle or a mini-game that players will have to solve.

5. BTS City


In this simple yet challenging game, players have to connect the same pictures without leaving an empty space. The levels will get more difficult and complicated as players proceed further in the game.

4. SuperStar BTS (Discontinued)


This game remains one of the favorites of a majority of ARMY members. However, the game was discontinued in 2020. It was a rhythm game developed by Dalcomsoft Inc. featuring songs by BTS,

3. BTS Island: In The Seom


This is a newly launched BTS game that ARMY members have to try out. It is the story of the BTS members getting stranded on an island and slowly making a life for themselves. Players have to earn stars by winning Match-3 games that will allow them to carry out tasks essential to their survival on the island.

2. BTS Universe Story


This is a choice-based storytelling game where players decide the fate of the BTS members. However, unlike other games on this list, this game is much darker in its tone and treatment. It touches on sensitive topics like mental health. This is an official BTS game released by Big Hit and Netmarble.

In addition, players can also create their own BTS story for others to play.

1. BTS World


This is a storytelling sim game. ARMY members get to live out their dreams by becoming the manager of BTS. Players will have to deal with Big Hit, check daily itinerary, missions, manage band members, check conditions, and other such tasks to navigate the game successfully. In addition, players also get to experience an alternate reality where BTS never made it and the members are all stuck with regular jobs.

These are the best BTS games that every ARMY member should try. For more game recommendations, check out Best Games Like HuniePop For Steam & Android.