Brawlhalla: How To Complete The Reversal Signature Quest In 2022?

Performing the Reverse Signature KO is a part of the Battle Pass 4 in Brawlhalla. Let's see how to perform the reverse signature in Brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a classic 2D fighting game but with a twist of the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass pushes players to play Brawlhalla in a certain way. One such Battle Pass quest is the Reversal Signature KO. Reversal Signature KO is one of the most rewarding and challenging battle pass quests in Brawlhalla.

Let’s see which characters can perform the Reversal Signature KO and how to perform the Reversal Signature KO in Brawlhalla.

Brawlhalla: Characters Eligible To Complete the Reverse Signature Quest

brawlhalla reverse signature

Not all the legends in Brawlhalla can perform the Reversal Signature Move. Here is a list of all the Legends that can do the Reverse Signature quest in Barwlhalla, along with their weapons.

Legend Weapon Signature
Diana Bow and Blasters Down Signature
Kaya Spear Side Signature
Bodvar Hammer Down Signature
Hatori Sowrd Side Signature
Scarlet Hammer Down Signature
Mako Katars Down Signature
Mordex Scythe Down Signature
Xull Axe Side Signature
Teros Hammer Neutral Signature
Yumiko Hammer Side Signature


This was the complete list of all the Legends, along with the weapons and signatures you should use to perform the Reverse Signature and complete the quest. The Reversal Signature KO is a complex finishing move, so it is not just the Legend but also the weapon and signature that can impact the probability of the finishing move. Now that we know which legends can do the Reversal Signature, let’s see how to do the Reversal Signature KO in Brawlhalla.

How To Perform The Reverse Signature KO In Brawlhalla?

The Reverse Signature is an easy move to perform, but the tricky part is the probability of how often it can backfire. The opponent gets enough time to dodge the move, and in no time, the tide is against you. When your opponent’s health is low, lure them off stage and towards the edge. For performing the Reverse signature, your Legend will throw the enemy in a different direction, and after the move, your Legend will be facing in another direction. Make sure you have a Legend that changes direction after performing KO moves, and also make sure to position them accordingly. Once the positioning is set, all you have to do is KO them by using the Gravity cancel down signature, and you will complete the Reversal Signature KO quest in Battle Pass 4.

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