The Brave Tamer Rage Redeem Codes (November 2022)

Want to get your hands on the latest Codes of Brave Tamer Rage? This article is all you need to know that.

The Brave Tamer Rage is an Android RPG game. You can claim bonus rewards in this game by redeeming the codes that are provided by the developers. These exclusive rewards prove a helping hand to boost your gameplay and helps you explore the game further. In this guide are given the Brave Tamer Rage free codes that you can use to redeem the rewards. So, go through the article to know how to redeem these codes.

The Brave Tamer Rage Redeem Codes (November 2022)

The brave tamer rage redeem

Below are the codes that are still working in The Brave Tamer Rage. Check out the free codes and the rewards that are attached to them.

  • D7MXWQRUPJ – This free code will grant you 200x Diamonds.
  • happytimes – Redeeming this code will you get you 500x Diamond, 200k Gold
  • Summon7777 – Get 10x Crad drwaing Vouchers after redeeming this code.
  • Welcomegfb – This coupon code will give you 777x Diamond.
  • yqq3jax8ke – This free code will grant you 300x Diamond, 5x Strength Potion.
  • xsq7er6ssg – Redeeming this code will grant you 500x Diamond, 2x Strength Potion.

These are the available coupon codes in the game. Redeem them as soon as possible because these codes are not permanent. They expire when the developers update the new coupon codes. Also, you can keep updated about the codes on this website. The developers usually update the codes on the official handles of social media. So, keep an eye out.

How to Redeem the Free Codes?

Now that you know what are the codes in this game, you may as well learn how to redeem these codes. Just knowing the codes won’t give you any rewards. Below are the steps on how to redeem the codes in The Brave Tamer Rage.

  • On the main screen of the game, click on your profile.
  • In your profile, you will see a System Setting tab.
  • Select the tab, and you will see a button with Redeem Codes written on it.
  • Click on that button. A text box will open.
  • In that text box, type in the code and press Confirm.
  • You will have received the rewards attached to the respective coupon code.

Make sure you enter the exact code in the text box or else you won’t get any rewards. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can check out various articles on this website.