Blue Archive: What Is Live2D Animation And How To Unlock It?

Here is a guide to understand and unlock live2D animation in Blue Archive!

There are plenty of student characters in Blue Archive that help you to level up by solving all the mysteries in the game. Do you know that these characters also have a feature called live2D animation that can be unlocked to make it look more fascinating? If not then read further and understand what is  live2D animation and how to unlock it in Blue Archive.

What Is Live2D Animation In Blue Archive?

unlock live2D animation Blue Archive

Who will like a game in which characters just do not move or do any actions? Nobody right! So to make these characters move and do some actions there is a feature called live2D animation. This is a feature that can be unlocked by completing small tasks or meeting the asked requirements.

In Blue Archive also you can unlock the live2D animation by simply going on higher bond levels. You might not have encountered this feature in the gacha games as things are written in foreign languages. But don’t worry as we have you covered, here is a way for you to unlock live2D animation in Blue Archive and enjoy your favorite gacha game.

How To Unlock Live2D Animation In Blue Archive?

The bond level is a separate leveling or ranking system in Blue Archive for all the student characters. Players have to increase the bond level in Blue Archive in order to unlock the live2D animation in the game. Here are all the ways to increase a character’s bond level in Blue Archive.

  • Head to the second tab in the game that looks like an academy. Here you will find new student characters every day. Get these new characters and upgrade them to higher levels. Collect shards and unlock the whole area around to increase the bond level.
  • Go to different locations and try to unlock the location and the character at the same time and get the bond level increased as a reward.
  • There are characters with horns in the game. Find them and unlock them to get the bond level.

The maximum bond level in Blue Archive is 10 but the devs don’t make you that long to see the animations. Animations are updated gradually as you keep increasing the bond level of a character.

This is everything you need to know about how to unlock the live2D animations in Blue Archive. If you want to learn more about Blue Archive then have a look at our video game guides.