Black Lemonade Cookie Guide In Cookie Run Kingdom

Get To Know Cookie Run Kingdoms' new favorite rockstar Black Lemonade Cookie's skills and more.

The Black Lemonade Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom is a new Epic Cookie with bomber-type skills. She is an NPC in the Summer Soda Rock Festa episode. She is also the childhood friend of Shinning Glitter Cookie. Here is more information on Black Lemonade Cookie that you need to know.

What is Black Lemonade Cookie Skills in CRK

cookie run kingdom black lemonade cookie

  • Black Lemonade Cookie is a Bomber Cookie in the Middle position.
  • Her electric guitar provides damage to the target.
  • Besides damage, she also provides a buff to her team by granting Electrifying Rock Spirit.
  • She can debuff the enemy’s skills and increase the damage they receive.
  • The Electrifying Rock Spirit when charged to the max level can cause greater damage to the enemies.
  • Black Lemonade Cookie can also resist interrupting effects during fights when her skills are active.
  • She can also inflict zaps on enemies.

Overall, players find Black Lemonade Cookie a very interesting new Cookie as she has a pretty enduring popstar persona and a great choice of pop music. It is not surprising as Black Lemonade Cookie looked up to Rocksar Cookie while growing up.

How to Get Black Lemonade Cookie

To obtain the Black Lemonade Cookie you have to equip her right when she is released. You can also try to get her from the Mileage Shop in Cookie Run Kingdom.

She first appeared on the 5th of July 2023, while she is yet to be officially released, around the 21st of July 2023. Also coming up as the leader of the band SparkL and the headlining performer of the Summer Soda Rock Festa.

She communicates only through music and her being an Epic Cookie tops it all. this means that Black Lemonade Cookie will be one of the rare and most effective Cookies in the game.

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