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Biomutant Update 2.09 Patch Notes (v1.7): Everything About The Update

Biomutant just got a new update. Here are the official Biomutant (v1.7) 2.09 Update Patch Notes explaining all the changes in the game.

The combination of rodents and fast-paced combat has seemed to work for Biomutant. Even though Biomutant opened up to mixed reviews, the developers have made many significant changes through the multiple updates. An update of Biomutant was released on 5th November, which aimed to further smoothen the whole experience of Biomutant. Here are the Biomutant (v1.7) Update 2.09 official patch notes.

Patch Notes Of Biomutant 2.09 Update (v1.7)

Here are the complete official patch notes of the Biomutant update rolled out on 5th November 2021.

  • This update overhauls and improves the Japanese localization of the game.
  • Added stability and performance enhancements.
  • Added gameplay optimizations.
  • Other minor fixes

Players can download the update on all the consoles for free. If you have enabled auto-download, Biomutant will update automatically, but if you haven’t, just start the game, and it will start updating automatically.

A few weeks ago, Biomutant had a significant update with new characters, weapons, and storylines. Since that update, many players have complained about bugs and glitches. These bugs and glitches are expected after a big update, and Biomutant was no different. The developers rolled out an update to fix the bugs and glitches, and this seems to be their second update to smoothen the game experience even more.

Biomutant relies on fast-paced combat, so a minor lag of a second or two can really turn around the trajectory of the game. The update majorly focuses on optimizing and smoothening the game and fixing all the major bugs and glitches players were complaining about. The 2.09 update of Biomutant will have also improved the look of the Japanese village the game is set and added a whole lot of detail in the surrounding. Detailing will make Biomutant’s experience even more immersive and smooth as well.

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