How To Bind Grenades in Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO)?

Keybinds make planting grenades easier in CS:GO. Lets see how it works!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) surely gives the best experience when it comes to multiplayer first-person shooter games. There are plenty of weapons, ammo, and grenades for players to choose from. You can change into different weapons and grenades at any given point in the match using binds specified for it.

Here is a step-by-step guide explaining what is a bind for grenades and how to use them in CS: GO.

What Is ‘Bind’ And How It Works For Grenades in CS: GO?

Binds are shortcuts that are set according to an individual player’s ease in CS: GO or any other game. Binds are also called ‘Keybinds‘ or ‘Hotkeys’. There are two ways to set binds in CS: Go.

  1. By typing the command from the Console command box.
  2. By making changes from settings.

Guide To Set Binds For All Grenades:

There are a total of 6 different types of grenades available in CS: GO. The default key assigned for the grenades is “4”. On pressing 4 all the available grenades appear on the bottom right corner of your screen and you have to keep pressing it until you get the desired one. How about a separate key for all the 6 grenades in CS: GO? Sound convenient right?

Here is a list of all the grenades and console commands you need to use in CS : GO.

Grenades Commands
HE grenade  bind “Any Key” “use weapon_hegrenade”
Flash Grenade bind “Any Key” “use weapon_flashgrenade”
Smoke Grenade bind “Any Key” “use weapon_smokegrenade”
Molotov bind “Any Key” “use weapon_molotov”
Incendiary Grenade bind “Any Key” “use weapon_incendiarygrenade”
Decoy Grenade bind “Any Key” “use weapon_decoy”

How To Set Bind Grenades Using Console Command in CS: GO-

bind grenades in CS: GO

Setting bind from the command box is very easy. All you need to do here is type the command given in the above table and hit the Enter button or click on Submit button next to it.

How To Set Bind Grenades From Settings in CS: GO –

bind grenades in CS: GO

1) Launch the game on your PC or Laptop.

2) Head straight to the settings.

3) Go to the Keybinds submenu and scroll down until you find the list of all grenades.

4) Select and set any key for each grenade in the list according to what suits you.

5) And there you go! Use these shortcuts in all your matches and get more kills faster than your opponents.

This is everything you need to know about bind grenades in CS: GO. Check out another article on what s crosshair generator in CS: GO and how to use it.