CSGO: Best Weapon Skins Of All Time

These are some of the best weapon skins to use in CSGO.

CS: GO offers a variety of weapon skins to its players through new updates, an official community, and free achievement cases. Players who are bored seeing the regular paint job of their weapon can try different weapon skins to make a statement among other players while playing in the match. Here are some best weapon skins offered by CSGO to its players.

Best Weapon Skins in CS: GO

For players who like their weapons to be colorful instead of the regular color which are used for guns. Players who want to make an impression on other players can apply various skins offered by the game. Some of the best skins are mentioned below that are worth trying.

Dust 2 Collection

csgo dust collection
image credit: counterstrike.fandom.com

Dust 2 is a famous CS map that is from the second instalment of the game (CS; Source). It is the most played map, in the Bomb Disposal scenario mode of the game. To honour this iconic map CS has introduced a weapon skin collection with its name. The skins in this collection are mainly based on the colour scheme of the map. The collection requires real money as it is not available in the cases provided in the game. This collection has second gold effects and Fade effect for some weapons.

Control Collection

csgo control collection best weapon skins
image credit: counterstrike.fandom.com

Control Collection has weapons which are used by Counter-Terrorist team of the game and has very fancy and unique designs for the weapons. The collection mainly represents the working of the CT squad and has tried to contrast with their appearance. This collection is available in cases offered in the game. It can be purchased online in different communities. It also has its counterpart that has only Terrorist weapon skins.

Canal Collection

csgo canal collection
image credit: counterstrike.fandom.com

Canal collection was introduced in Operation Shattered update of the game, and was available for free for the entire update. Players now have to purchase from the official stores of the game. The collection offered a wide amount of skins for different models.

Rising Sun Collection

csgo rising sun best weapon skins
image credit: counterstrike.fandom.com

The Rising Sun collection was introduced in the early stage of this installment. This collection was inspired from the Japanese Culture. It had vibrant paints and also included anime paint jobs on some weapons. It was introduced in three updates i.e. 2015 (Bloodhound), 2016(Wildfire) and 2017 (Operation Hydra).It was available as a weekly drop for players with operation pass for CS: GO Operations.

Chop-Shop Collection

csgo chop shop best weapon skins
image credit: counterstrike.fandom.com

The main attractions of this collection were the M4A1 and Duel Berettas, SG553 as it had a very classy look. The collections mainly focused on solid colours with some elegant textures on the grip or on the body of some weapons giving them classy look and an elegant feeling while seeing on the screen. It is also a good choice for players who like decent designs.

The developer of the game still introduces new collections and drops in the game that players can get it in the weekly drop or while completing an achievement or rather purchasing it. These collections are a good pick for players who are bored seeing same old paintjob and want to try fresh skins while playing the game.

That was everything about weapon skins in CSGO, but if you are also curious to know the best crosshairs to use, check out this guide.