Best Shark Games 2022 – PC, Consoles & Android

If you feel hanging out with sharks is fun and thrilling, these are some of the best shark games for you.

Sharks are usually untamed by the human race until now and there is a good reason for that. The underwater predator is intimidating and hungry for blood all the time. In video games, though, various developers have taken this deadly creature and created a whole story around it that you can enjoy being a part of. Let’s take a look at some of the Best Shark games you can play this year.

Best Shark Games 2022 – Best Video Games with Sharks in Them


In this list, we have included games where you can play as the Shark and some where you can have guest appearances from Sharks as well.




Maneater is at the top of this list, because why not? The storyline is dramatic enough to rope in any player into the game. The game begins with you as a baby shark where your mama shark is killed by the shark hunters and now it is your sole mission in life to take revenge and kill those shark hunters. It is divided into 8 chapters which you’ll have to complete and with the end of every chapter, you’ll be one step closer to take your revenge. Maneater takes around 8-12 hours to complete and is available to play on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5 and Xbox One.


raft best shark games


Raft has climbed up at the 2nd spot on this list because of the thrilling experience it offers to the player. In the middle of the horizon-meeting ocean, all you have is a wooden plank, on which you’re floating, and a hook made of plastic. You have to collect the floating materials near you and you have to build a raft, for your survival, with those materials. Also, did I tell you about the shark attacks? Yes, you have to beware of the oceanic predator while you manage for your survival because it can eat away your raft and then you. The game takes around 15 hours to complete if you follow only the main story. If you’re scouring every detail of the game, you’d take around 38 hours to complete it. Raft is available to play on Android only as of now.

Sea Of Thieves

sea of thieves


Speaking of thrilling, Sea Of Thieves is one of the best shark games you can play. Peaking at number 3, Sea Of Thieves is an adventure survival game where you can play the life of a pirate. Travelling through the sea to discover new lands, finding the treasure by the clues you pick up and fight the oceanic predators, army of skeletons and the ships of the other players while on the voyage. If you’re looking for Action, Adventure and Survival, you got it all here. Sea Of Thieves is available on Android platforms like Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows 10 and Steam. Sea Of Thieves can take up to 37 hours to complete if you’re following only the main story and if you’re playing all the types it’d take you around 173 hours to complete the game.



Depth has landed on the 4th spot in this list. It is a game where the player can play on both sides of the possibilities of the dangers of deep ocean waters. In this game, you can either play as a Great White Shark devouring your enemies and hunting your prey with your speed and your senses or you can play as a Diver who wanders the aquatic world in search of a treasure that would help you get more weapons in order to suffice your survival. Over time, you can unlock new and powerful weapons as a Diver and you can seek evolution as a Shark in the game. This game is available on Microsoft Windows. The game is 64 hours long if you play the main story, if you’re aiming to play all styles of the game, it would you around 74 hours.

Hungry Shark World

hungry shark world

Hungry Shark World is put in the middle of the game because it is a part of a series that initially started as a mobile game. You play a hungry shark which has to keep looking for preys to satiate your hunger and all you have to do is to eat, eat and eat.  Yet, you are still a mortal in the game. You have to keep an eye of the dangers to you be it bigger fishes or humans, you can be killed or you can die of hunger. So, keep scouring the oceans and the surface to hunt your prey and try to keep yourself alive. This game is available to play on iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Apart from Hungry Shark World, there are other games in the Hungry Shark Series to discover.

Jaws Unleashed

jaws unleashed

Jaws Unleashed is a game that was inspired from the Movie Jaws. In this game, you get to play as a Great White Shark destroying the Amity Island which can help you gain points in the game. You have to shatter everything that comes your way and eat fishes and humans around the beach. All you have to do is create havoc on the beach and spread terror among the humans. Sounds fun, ironically, doesn’t it? Jaws Unleashed is available to play on Xbox, Playstation 2 and Microsoft Windows.

Stranded Deep

stranded deep

Stranded Deep is a survival game where the main character is a victim of a plane crash and now has to find ways to survive in the vast ocean arena. Among hunger, thirst, sunstroke and other things, you have to survive. Also, beware of the shark attacks in deep waters as well as shallow waters. You will have to explore the ocean for abandoned ships and equipment in order to stay afloat on life. The game is available on MacOS, Xbox One, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. It takes around 15 hours to complete the game when you’re on the main story. If you’re playing extras along with the main story, it’d take you around 36 hours to complete the game.

Shark Attack

shark attack

Shark Attack is a mobile game which is very simple. The main task of the player is to look out for humans to eat and other sharks so that they don’t eat you. Being a mobile game, the controls are easy too. The more the Shark eats, the stronger it gets. So, eat all you can and beware of the other killer sharks. This game is available on Google Play Store.

Shark Simulator

shark simulator

Shark Simulator made it to the list because of the fun genre the game offers. Normally, if you think of a Shark slaughtering people, you think it is scary and horrible. Yet, this game crosses your imagination and gives you a rather funny experience being a man-eating Shark. In this game, you have to wreak havoc in the city by killing humans, buying weapons, escaping hordes of policemen. The policemen will shoot at you to kill you. You have to do this while eating as many humans as you can eat. Shark Simulator is available on iOS App Store, Google Play Store and Steam.

Wild Shark Hunting Attack 3D

wild shark hunting attack 3d

In the game, Wild Shark Hunting Attack 3D, you play a sniper who is destined to kill the hungry sharks in the ocean. The Sharks are attempting to kill you and they are very hungry and you are there defending yourself by killing the sharks that you encounter. You can grab underwater sniper guns to kill the sharks underwater. The game offers you an adventurous feel while hunting the sharks and surviving through your hunt. Progress in the game to get more dynamic guns to complete your survival mission. This is a mobile/PC game. It is available on Play Store, App Store and PC.

Although you don’t get much out of playing Shark games as the plots are monotonous. Be it so, one thing you can be sure of is the thrill while playing the game. Anyways how many times do you think in your life will you be chased by a hungry shark? While you’re here you can check out Best Zombie Games of All Time or Best Anime Games on Android.


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