Top 7 Best Muck Seeds For Speedrun, Nightblade & More (2022)

Here are the best seeds for Muck for you to survive all the bosses.

In a game like Muck, you need to start in a good way if you want to survive. The game takes turns very randomly and many players haven’t survived past 10-15 days. Using muck seeds will give you that jumpstart that you need in the game. Seeds usually give you access to a lot of items in the game and weapons that help you bulk up a lot faster in the game so that it gets easier later on.

To use your favorite seed and to load it on your game, simply enter the code in your Muck client.

Here Are All Top 7 Muck Seeds For Speedrun, Nightblade & More

1. Rain

It’s one of the best seeds for Muck. It has lots and lots of items that you can collect from food, armor to weapons. There are chests all across the world in this seed and it’s filled with buildings. In the first two days, you can buff your character so high and upgrade everything to a very high level. This will help you fight if any bosses were to show up in the earlier times of the game.

Muck Seeds

2. Drugs

This is another great seed for Muck as along with innumerable items like apples, milk, food, you also get the most important weapon in the game which is Nightblade. Nightblade has a 0.1% chance of spawning in a cave in Muck however due to this seed, you can find it immediately after opening the game. The cave in this seed is right in front of the spawn area. You also get loads of blue chests in this seed.

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3. 221294511

Just like Drugs, this seed also has the nightblade pretty early in the game. You can find the nightblade by the end of day 1 in this seed. For the first 5 days, you can feel free to one-shot monsters down in the game however after Day 5, bosses will start showing up so try to play safe and wait for the gold axe. The gold Axe is also available in one of the chests in this seed.

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4. 12466352

If you don’t directly want to jump to having a nightblade and get too overpowered, you can use this seed. This seed lets you still play the game’s survival mechanics but still helps you out a little with resources and weapons. By the end of day 1, you will have a gold sword in this seed. You can still kill enemies at your own pace and collect minerals, rocks, and other things. There are plenty of chests to be opened in this seed too.

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5. poopoo

A lot of people were using this seed since it has come out due to how many items this seed has to offer. Even though these muck seeds doesn’t help you with the nightblade right away or the life steal, it still gives you a very high amount of minerals and weapons. The first building that you go in after spawning might give you Mithril Axe, gold, iron weapons, gold ingots and so much more. You can unlock tons of weapons and chests in this seed.

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6. 197390643

There are a lot of nightblade seeds out there but not many of those nightblade seeds also have other items that are necessary for survival. This seed, however, is a mixture of villages while also giving the nightblade. You also get the golden pickaxe in this muck seed. A great thing about the village in this seed is that the Smith Villager can trade Obamium and Rubies for coins. Many players have considered these muck seeds to be the best seed of them all and do use it for survival aspect.

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7. Spear Seed

This is another seed that has OP weapons, nightblade, and items but with a difference. This seed has double the amount of resources and items and foods so if you play this seed with your friends, you’ll have enough for them too. The only reason this seed is last on the list is that you cannot do speedrun with this. The nightblade is not found that early in the game and the pace for this muck seed is slower than others. However, this seed is worth checking.

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These are the top 7 Muck Seeds according to us that still work. Check out some Minecraft seeds here.